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Thread: Kingers's New Wagon - F31 330d Touring

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    Just found this thread having not been on here on a while. Great machine you have there with the all those options. I have a 330d F31 also, and thought it had a decent spec until I saw this! 95k miles on mine now, with me putting about 30k of those on it. You asked about things to look out for. For me my rear lights let in water, loads of people had the same issue on forums whilst in warranty and BM replaced them, but replaced them with the same part which leaked again. I remember one owner was on maybe his 4th set under warranty and they were leaking again. Einstein's quote on insanity comes to mind....Mine had a pint of water slushing around in them so I replaced them with LCI lights after trying a few times unsuccessfully to fix the originals as I was out of warranty and BMW didn't want to know. Other issue I had which is maybe not unusual for my millage but was misdiagnosed by 2 main dealers and a respected indy here. I had a vibration under braking, so had all disks replaced. Issue returned and had disks skimmed and issue returned. BMW were advising more disks again, saying they had warped. When a local tyre place guy was tightening one of my front wheel nuts, he said my front bushings were gone as he could feel the play in the wheel on the brace. Sure enough, put the car up on the lift and both were leaking oil. Replaced them and car has been perfect since. Mines is an X-drive which I really like, as making progress away from junctions etc is drama free. Do miss RWD at times though. I have the SE suspension as a result, and it's great when flying over uneven back roads, but it does lean a lot. Half thinking of doing something with the suspension, but still not sure if I would regret it when I wince and bottom out on a back road somewhere.
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    Great info! What part of country and what colour is it?

    What wheels and tyres are you on?

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    19’’ Dunlop runflats? What year is the car?

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    And were the LCI lights plug and play?

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    Car is 2014. I have Pilot Sport 4s's on it now. The rear lci lights are not plug and play but it's straightforward. The inner lamps on the LCI include the indicator also where pre lci doesn't so you need to run a new cable to them from the module in the boot. The pin order on the harness needs to be rejigged too. Then once they are wired in a little bit of coding is needed to prevent them flickering as the old bulbs were not LED so had cold and warm bulb checks sending small voltages to them to test, but causes the LEDs to blink a little.

    Loads of guides online. BMW sell a retrofit kit with harness to do this job. Just be aware the kit isn't designed with the f31 in mind so the cables aren't long enough so you'll need to extend them. Here's how they look now:

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    I just tried to edit previous post and forgot that doing that always deletes the post on the mobile site.... Seems to be a bug. Here's the missing post:

    I'm up in the NW here in DL. It's white and the wheels are the 403m wheels the car came with. They have some white worm on them now as they are diamond cut. When I get them refurbed not sure if I'll keep the cut finish. Looks great when clean, but the white worm will always come back I think.

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    Kingers's New Wagon - F31 330d Touring

    Ah cool, it looks well! Don’t think I’ve seen an M performance one in F31 guise. Good spec too.

    Must keep an eye out for the tail light issue but all good so far

    I knocked a 600km trip out of it during the week and it was pretty effortless. The seats are great, I’m physically fresher getting out after a few hours behind the wheel.

    The heated steering wheel and 4 heated seats are getting used a lot this weather!
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    Yeah I'd imagine the heated wheel is nice in the morning. A lot of owners with lane departure warning and no heated wheel discovered that they could retrofit the heated wheel by just buying the button for it as the wheel comes with the heating elements when it has the vibration function, just no switch.

    Another little thing I did that may be useful for you is another very common issue on all f30s. I you have a rattle in your cabin and can't find it, a common cause is the little plastic pins in the doors that show if the car is locked. The rattle inside their surround. You can easily pop out the little surrounds and line the inside of them with some velcro tape or material. Mines has been rattle free since

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    Good to know, thankfully mine is still minty fresh, having just 23k miles on it now

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    Things to look out for? With the engine off, try turning the steering wheel left-right.
    Hear a clunk, indicating some play? It's a common issue with mileage.

    The part needed, a steering thrust bearing, costs just €21, BMW part 32106891974.

    May also be of interest - retrofitting lumbar support on F series.

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