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    Does anyone use Apple Carplay?

    I started a trial of it tonight in the X5 and wasn’t blown away. I’m not sure it’s worth €100 per year or €400 permanently from BMW.

    Maybe I’m missing something???

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    Based on my drive around the Austrian Alps in an 850i M cabrio without and how awful the interface is without it, I’d pay. The 992 has it and it was v useful on same trip.

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    Why do you have to pay for carplay ? Have it in the golf and had it in the S3 previously it's a great set up, great at reading and dictating messages.

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    My wife’s golf has it as standard but my F30 doesn’t. I thought about getting it for the BMW but the only practical advantage I can see is for Google Maps. You can still use iTunes and Spotify through the idrive, okay it may be easiest to use with CarPlay but I won’t be paying bmw extra for it. BMW should really be giving it as part of the pro-media pack

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    I dunno, I got an aftermarket infotainment thing with it for the Z and it was brilliant - hate touchscreen in a car generally but fount it ok.
    Never paid any monthly or yearly fee

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    If you have iDrive with sat nav and real-time traffic (which I’m sure you do) then CarPlay adds very little. I don’t have it in any car at the moment and really couldn’t care less. Like foyler I added it to a couple of cars in the past but the rationale was to get a more modern headunit with Bluetooth etc and once doing that you may as well get one with CarPlay. So at most nice to have. I’d imagine it’s the kind of thing where they will do promos every so often as it’s basically charging for air so if you’re not that pushed, I would wait.
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