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Thread: Cars & Coffee Sunday October 6th 2019

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    Cars & Coffee Sunday October 6th 2019

    Note that registrations of cars driving irresponsibly will be forwarded to the Gardai. Please behave responsibly..if you want to be irresponsible, you are not welcome...go somewhere else!

    Cars & Coffee, IDA Business Park, Southern Cross Road, will take place on Sunday morning, October 6th, meeting anytime from 10.30am onwards. Please be careful and respectful when arriving and leaving.

    From M11 just south of M50, take exit 7 for Bray/Greystones R767, proceed straight through the next series of roundabouts to come onto Southern Cross Road, and turn right half way down Southern Cross Road to enter IDA Business Park. There is a sign for Coffee Delights at the entrance.

    Proceed straight ahead and park up to the left, along the avenue, and the two car park areas "To The Right" either side of the Coffee Shop. We ask you do not park in the Coffee Shop designated parking area, to allow his regular customers space.
    Please note both Ventilux carparks are no longer available to use. Turn right immediately before and/or immediately after Coffee Delights and park up in both areas.

    This is a social meeting, run on a voluntary basis by Steveirl, on the first Sunday of each month. All are welcome, but if you engage in any kind of commercial or business activity, or unsafe driving, you will be asked to leave, and not return.

    Enter and leave the complex in a civilised fashion. Please show care and respect when driving.

    Use the litter bins PLEASE, do not leave your litter and empty cups in the Park.

    Please ensure you have vacated the park by 2pm at the latest
    One other thing lads and lassies---Feel free to sit on or lean against your own car, but please please not on a car belonging to someone else!!!


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    Cracking morning after the week we've had. I'll spin down in the new car.

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    Great morning. Only hung around for an hour or so. First time going since the parking was changed really spreads it out.

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    Ended up detouring to DKIT.

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    Super day for both meets. Should have had the drop drop out but had stuff on today. Typical!!
    Older but no wiser.

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    Bugger! Been in Galway! Missed bringing the Green Godess along as a riposte to the Fuddy Twhite Car!
    Beware of imitations; there's another lawyer out there calling himself "Lucanlaw!" So the writing on the wall may be a forgery!

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    Ah darn it - I forgot it was today

    --- some previous cars: Porsche 911, Porsche Boxster, MG-F, Austin Mini, Suzuki Escudo, GTM Libra, Honda Integra, Honda Civic, Renault 5.

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    Went along to Bray for a walk around. Great weather for it. Was a bit crowded today as Hell and back was on close by. The one positive this provided was that the presence of many men in his-vis clothing (there to marshal hell and back parking) seemed to prevent the usual drag strip antics as people were leaving.

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    Few pics from today:

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    Made the trip down. Was in a bit of a mood so I forced myself to go - even if only to take photographs of some of the nice cars. My RX has definitely seen better days - the paints coming off the door and who knew aluminium could rust but it still runs. Parked it in the shade to keep it from offending eyes and cooking my camera in the sun.

    It'll be a few weeks before they're developed mind.

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