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Thread: Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ

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    Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ

    Any owners on here? Are they as underpowered in the real world as the motoring press suggest ? What are they like to actually live with?

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    I need to drive one myself to decide if I like them, I like coupes, but the BR86 doesn't quite do it for me looks wise.... and underpowered compared to what?? 200bhp for everyday driving with nice handling and 7.5k rev limit should be all good. will it be eaten alive by a golf R, yes, but do you care??

    There is an owner on here with a supercharged one I think and I think there's a possible remap available for a supposed torque dip in the stock engine.
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    For reference I did the first Runwayclub in my stock Fiesta ST back in 2016 as I got a freebie from Ford. One of the only newer cars I managed to beat in the 200-300 bhp category was a GT86, but there wasn't much in it. They are not mega fast but wouldn't exactly say they are dead either. It's more about how they handle than straight line speed i guess.

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    Drove the Subaru version, i have to say i loved it. Good sense of occasion about them - nice sound and handle well. Could do with maybe 50bhp more - good second hand buy but mad money new at the time.

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    I've never driven one but just from reading a few car mag reviews it seems to be the lack of torque low down that might make them feel a big underpowered.
    Granted this might be more noticeable these days due to the proliferation of turbo engines with their easy access to torque low down.

    They do seem to go better the more you rev them though.

    They do seem to be ripe for modifying though,especially in their homeland and America.

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    Drove one around Mondello for about 20 laps. A charmless borefest of a car.
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    Get out there and drive it as much as possible...You or it will not be around forever, at least not with any original parts.

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    I've driven one, and found it quite ok power wise. good fun at low speed which is always a win.

    the thing that got me is that for the money, its a bit of a biscuit tin (very 90's lack of sound deadening), and not a great cabin.

    for most countries, it was a lot lower priced than here, which makes it expensive/overpriced here imho for what it is, and I've not seen much spec on the ones I've seen here (probably due to that in large measure).

    but try one. it may line up very well with what you want

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    Get them while they are hot folks. Subaru and Toyota are dropping them in Europe. JDM and US will get a new version.
    I've driven the GT86 and while the autobahn is not much fun the off ramp and back roads are very rewarding.
    Final Edition BRZ gets Sachs adjustable dampers, Brembo upgrade and special interior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutRun View Post
    Drove one around Mondello for about 20 laps. A charmless borefest of a car.
    Wow i’m amazed you came away with that impression, but I appreciate it’s not for everyone.

    I’ve been driving a track dedicated GT86 for the last 3 yrs, countless trackdays at Mondello and some days in the UK too, before the 86, I tracked an lotus Exige, and a R35 GTR before that , hands down the GT86 is the most fun car I’ve driven on track and an incredible chassis especially considering the price point.

    I tracked the car N/A stock engine for the first year, and have been supercharged for the last 2yrs (approx 250hp) and now in the process of building a built race engine for it, while it was underpowered stock it let the dynamics shine through, but ultimately on track more power is always good.

    If your seriously in the market drop me a PM and I can give you a few watch outs, they have some inherent problems but on the whole they are reliable.

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    I have have one for about 2 years; peak power is about 7.2k so they really need to be kept on the boil to be anywhere fast. (second cam comes on around 4.5k)

    You will be left behind by 320ds etc but that's not the charm of the car. Down a back road it's just sublime.

    It's lovely to be able to drive a car hard and not be doing a million miles an hour! The gearing is spot on for backroad driving and the gear change needs to be experienced!

    They a relatively practical day to day(previous car was a mini though!), rear seats fold completely flat to make a large loading area (shallow).
    Car is very low so takes a bit of getting used to getting in and out.

    Seating position and steering wheel are spot on. Cabin may feel a little low rent if used to premium German brands, but just drive the thing!
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