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Thread: Is this too good to be a sh1ter bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfaguy View Post
    I think I am already addicted to superbikes from the last day.

    Kinda given up on the shiter bike thing now - for me any sports bike has to have the safety electronics so that means fairly new. Being able to source such a bike locally is a major attraction of this bike so I might just pull the trigger on it if we can agree terms.
    Well wear if you do AG!

    They are a serious machine.
    That particular bike is just special.

    Hope you buy it.
    You know your right hand is the traction control button..

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    Id love the some day to be able to define 7k bike as a shitter. lol

    That blade looks beautiful.

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    No - no deal done yet. Apparently some bike dealer also wants it and he is playing us both to get a better price but he is under no pressure to sell and I am under no pressure to buy but I am still hopeful we can strike a deal in the new year - assuming its still for sale. Don't think that bike is going to move until after Christmas though at this stage.

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    Can’t stop looking at that blade, love it.
    Real unusual.

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    Yeah, it's great looking and something different. Very good replica of Hayden's machine in WSBK.
    Any car that merely takes you from A-B does not go far enough.

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    I'd explode if I thought I was buying something like that and had to wait until after Christmas.

    It's beautiful.

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    Its nice alright but similar Hayden replicas are available in the UK. Its just the brexit thing that could cause me problems. Have not made up my mind yet. Thinking of waiting for the new panigale V2 to arrive in the dealer in the spring. Decisions decisions.

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