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Thread: Mpg help please?

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    Mpg help please?

    I get about 380miles for a fill up with costs me about 60 euro of petrol at average prices, any idea my mpg? 44 litres gets me 380miles

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    That's about 39mpg

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    We'll that just depressed me...calculated mine there for a bit of fun and its 15.5mpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishTusc View Post
    We'll that just depressed me...calculated mine there for a bit of fun and its 15.5mpg
    Yeah - but you'll get infinitely more smiles per gallon with your 15.5 than he does with his miserly 39..

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    I get about 16mpg around town but that jumps to about 33mpg on a country run.
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    That is no lights, not much traffic, country back roads and plenty of smiles. Some Dublin miles too but not much.
    Just wondered, thanks for working it out. Few new car ideas I'm toying with. Mk5 golf gti, seem crazy thirsty. 1.4 3 cylinder diesel, panda 100hp, audi tt 225bhp 4wd, merc e class 1.8 supercharged.

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    I use a mk5 Gti as a daily and wouldn't consider it bad on juice.

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    Audi/vw 1.8t is a very thirsty engine. Expect 30mpg at best. 2.0tsi is a far better and more powerful lump.

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    I got same mpg out of a stage 1 8L S3 (same engine as TT ) that I got from a stage 1 8P S3 around 25-27mpg.

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