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Thread: Fibreglass repair

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    Fibreglass repair

    I'm probably going to leave this job until next spring, but is there anyone recommended for carrying out fibreglass repairs in the Dublin/meath area?
    It's nothing major, just two small holes on the lower chin of the front clam and a crack running down behind the number plate where it looks like the previous owner touched off a kerb. It's an S2 111S

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    Pat Mac Bennet knows and races Lotus.

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    There's guys near Trim who do some lovely figlass for competition cars. First class work. Never seen better. I'll look up their number in the morning and pm you.
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    I've had some work done by Dennings and would recommend them.

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    JH Autobody in Prusia St. I always go to him, he did a top job on my old global fibre glass body work.

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    Pat above or Novi composites on face book.

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    Delta Auto Body are another good shout in Ballyfermot

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    Quote Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
    I've had some work done by Dennings and would recommend them.
    Like Motorhead, I've had work done by Dennings and the repairs are top quality.

    Edit: located just off M50 at the exit for Templeogue

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    That's great, thanks for all the advice. I'll make contact with those suggested. The car is being tucked away for the winter soon, so I might remove the clam altogether and leave it in for repair at some stage over the winter.

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