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Thread: So what does this pop up message mean?

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    So what does this pop up message mean?

    Could it be a trap to enable just such monitoring if I click restore settings?

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    Did you install an extension? If you did, would you expect it need to control your internet connection, e.g. a VPN? In any case, if the extension needs permission to change your proxy settings, then you will at some stage get a genuine message from the browser asking you to confirm such. This message looks like one such message.

    If the extension needs permission but doesn’t want to ask for it, it can’t replace the genuine browser permission message with its own, AND bypass the genuine message from the browser at the same time.

    If none of that makes any sense, then the simple answer is you’re OK, that looks genuine, and if it’s not, then it can’t “trap” you into enabling what it is you’re trying to avoid.

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    Its a BBC I player extension which currently does not work anyway as it blocks everything saying I player is only available in the UK. I assume by clicking restore settings I am effectively dumping my BBC extension and by clicking keep changes I am enabling it to continue?

    Sometimes it requires an email to the extension provider to give it a bit of a kick to get it working again.

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    Fair play AG - You were listening to the Yardbirds at the time ! Clapton, Beck and Page.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by airhead_eire View Post
    Fair play AG - You were listening to the Yardbirds at the time ! Clapton, Beck and Page.....
    Yes, that caught my attention too. Obviously we are dealing with a man of good taste.

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    Ya hitting restore should get rid of it or disable it. Is this an official BBC iplayer extension? Or what’s the name of it?

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    Beebs is the name of it - not official and a bit of a scam to be honest - it works free for a few months - then they stop it and ask for a payment. Its not certain it will work all the time even after you pay and then eventually it dies altogether.

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    You need to build a wall....

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    There’s nothing free about free VPNs or proxies like your iplayer extension. Bandwidth and servers cost money and so if you’re not paying money, you’re the product. They’re either serving you targeted ads, selling your browsing habit data to others, or worst case, trying to taking your passwords and other sensitive data that you’re typing into the browser - the iplayer extension is not just tunneling your bbc traffic - it can if it wants see all your data. I’m not saying it is, just that it can.

    I’d recommend using a dedicated and reputable VPN, preferably a paid one. I use ExpressVPN which is the upper end of the price bracket (~12/month) but it is the best. There are some goodish free ones but i find it hard to believe that they’re not at least serving you targeted ads - but hey, we’re getting targeted anyway.

    This one is recommended a lot, is not selling or stealing your data, and it also has cheap paid one for ~3 bucks a month if you want to upgrade for a better experience.

    These VPNs will also allow you watch US or UK Netflix, etc, and not just iplayer.

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    Thanks for that. If I click "remove from chrome" with the Beeb one which I did is it gone from my computer then or is it still there hiding under another name etc that I have to do a proper uninstall on?

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