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Thread: Sky's Now TV, anyone used it?

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    I'm kinda after weaning myself off TV the last year or so and now, to be honest, I don't know where people get the time to watch tv at all. I cancelled all TV services from Virgin, all I get from them is broadband. I tried to get saorview but it was a crap signal so I never watched it. I thought I'd watch stuff on the RTE player but never ever do. We always had netflix and we also got Sky NOW through the TV app as I said to watch GOT. Once we finished that we found we weren't watching anything so we cancelled it, and all the kids were doing with netflix is watching Friends re-runs 24/7, so last month we cancelled that. - I honestly don't miss ANY of them. It's all I can do to keep up with the couple of podcasts I'm subscribed to, not to mind fit in any tv watching. I do have the motogp alright but that's a race every few weeks, and I have a eurosport subscription but again I need to really work at having the time to sit down to watch anything on it. - Don't know where my time is going, it's not like I'm old-school book-reading or anything!!

    But yeah, 120 quid a month is bananas. Unless of course you're clocking in a good solid couple of hours of quality entertainment out of it at least a couple of evenings a week.

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    I have Netflix because it doesn't cost a whole lot but I kill it every so often. The quality of the content is pretty much on par with the monthly fee. Sky is basically about HBO content (which I don't watch but others do) and sports (which I do watch). And sports is really flipping expensive. I barely ever watch terrestrial TV even if BBC creates some really good stuff on occasion. In fact, I funnily enough find myself watching mostly BBC stuff on Netflix as I always end up missing shows when they're actually on.
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    Supermacs are doing 1 month trial Sky Now TV vouchers at the moment with a meal.

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