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Thread: Sky's Now TV, anyone used it?

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    Sky's Now TV, anyone used it?

    I'm kinda thinking of ditching a Sky subscription and going with Now TV given that a lot of the TV viewing is Sky Atlantic/HBO and the other Sky channels. I'll probably just get a trial subscription going but interested in any feedback on it.
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    It's grand. We got it for a while to watch GOT but haven't watched much else on it since really.

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    I'm kinda curious how it compares with the normal STB experience where a lot of viewing is recorded. Does a show like GoT appear in their library pretty quickly after it's shown live? In fact, is all the Sky content available in the library?

    You don't get any of the terrestrial channels, right? I'm thinking stuff like Has <insert country> got talent that many like to watch in my household. I can no doubt get it on Freesat or with some player.

    Do you combine these types of services yourself? Do you use a Chromecast for it or how do you actually view it?

    With a STB it's all in one place whereas the alternative is obviously a bunch of different apps etc.
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    Quite a lot of whinging about quality out there. Buffering, pixelation, ... Sound like Sky Go in quality which tends to be rubbish. I guess it's the same content streams underneath.
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    Stuff comes and goes much quicker than Netflix - think of it as more an online alternative to a satellite reciever.

    On a Freesat player, you'll get all the UK Terrestrial channels, but not RTE/TG4/TV3. TV3 is effectively ITV Ireland with the odd Z list Irish celeb show, so really much of that Has whatever Got Talent stuff is on there too. You can always get Irish channels via a Saorview receiver. There are combined FTA (Free to Air) and Saorview boxes, but not a combo Freesat/Saorview box as that standard is owned by BBC/ITV

    Chromecast and NOW TV didn't play well together the last time I used it, but that may have changed.

    Cancelling is a bit of a pig, I was convinced I'd cancelled it three times, but there was some random arcane get out where it wouldn't really cancel. Can't remember the exact details, but they're still in the Cable/Satellite TV mentality rather than the truly on demand one.

    My advice would be that unless there's something exclusive and specific to NowTV that you want to watch, don't bother. Get a Freesat box first, see whats on that, then add other stuff as you see fit.

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    I did a bit of googling and have concluded that I can get Sky Go on similar devices and seeing as I have Sky in any event then I can just use Sky Go and hook it up to a TV with a Fire stick or some such.

    I have a Freesat box somewhere so can easily hook that up, even if it's a joke in comparison to Sky's STB's. And I have a Freeview box that can pick up the Irish stuff but it's available through streaming so probably makes no difference, can install those apps on the Fire stick as well.

    There is of course lots of exclusive and specific content on Sky. That's the whole reason for having it...

    I might get a Fire stick or something and muck around with it.
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    I use nowtv on my ps4 with no issues. The user interface isn’t the best in my opinion but the service is good and I haven’t experienced any of the issues mentioned above. My dad uses it’s on his tablet too and again no complaints.

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    Yes I've done a bit of testing myself and it's mostly good. I got a Now TV stick the other day that I will try out as well. It came with a bunch of "free" passes so I'm going to wait until my current free trial ends. I'm curious to see how much of normal TV consumption can be done with something like it.
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    I have one which is used only infrequently, but haven't had a regular Sky sub for years since I realised that it was costing nearly €100 per month with all the extras and the box was always full of shows that no-one watched.

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    I'm paying Sky north of €120 a month at present just for TV but I don't think Now TV is going to change that. It's a ludicrous sum of money really but in fairness it does get used. My Now TV research is for a different purpose.
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