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Thread: Bike touring.

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    Bike touring.

    So I am setting up my old 30 year old raleigh hybrid as a touring bike. This bike had a major overhaul a few years back so it drives like new.

    Bought these items today to get me started for the rear and depending on if I think I need them might add another set for the front. aign=OrderConfirmation&utm_content=IE

    This video was useful in getting some idea how to pack them and what to bring

    Anybody done any extensive bike touring. I know it depends on hills, wind, bike weight etc but I was just wondering what typical daily mileages are or should be. Logistics of bringing the bike on a train, bus, plane etc. Also how to use sat navs so I won't end up on some 5 lane motorway. In general any tips from any previous experience.
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    Dont know much about it though would love to do a long trip meself some day. Only advice I have though, wouldn't it be easier and better to use your gravel bike as the touring bike?

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    Yes I considered it but the tyres are too wide on it and it seems heavier than the raleigh - have not weighed it to compare. I can always change to the gravel bike if the Raleigh does not work out.

    Will have to change the handle bars on the Raleigh to provide more hand rest positions. Rear bags arrived today. They fitted nicely to its existing rear carrier although I had to remove the rear tail lamp and am now struggling to find a decent fitting position for it or any rear light as the bags block up all potential fitting points.

    I will fit the new carrier to the front (if it fits) and then look for some more bags for the front. Initially I only plan trips within Ireland but then if I like it I would like to do some UK and European touring.

    I will post some pics later.

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