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Thread: Android Zen.

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    Android Zen.

    So my latest Android update landed yesterday and im yet to install. Luckily this time I read what was being updated before clicking ok. Android Zen was announced as part of it..all part of Google's Wellbeing program.....Upon further reading Im suddenly reluctant to add this latest update.

    Essentially Zen locks you out of your phone for 20mins, albeit making and receiving calls are allowed. In an effort to get us all off our phones! Anyone else running it and whats your thoughts? Whilst I welcome these attempts Im not sure I want the hassle of this, I can envisage the moment of navigation or working when the phone just says 'no'. Or is that too simplistic?

    Is there a way of opting out? I cant see it at the moment?

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    It's just a feature that you can enable if you want some time to yourself and guarantee no disruptions from your phone. Nothing is forced upon you.

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    As mentioned above, you don't have to use it.
    I don't have a OnePlus, but I have been using some features on Google's in house flavour of android under their "Digital Wellbeing" menus for a long time. For me, night mode on the screen activates automatically at 9pm, and all notifications turn off automatically at 11pm (except for important calls). Means I don't get interrupted, but the phone will let important calls through in case of emergency etc
    And being automated means I never have to do a thing, or ever forget to toggle something on or off.

    Zen mode on OP devices is just another extension of such features.
    And Zen mode is from OP, not Google.

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