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Thread: Vodafone has launched 5G (and I want it)

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    I got myself a 5G phone a couple of weeks back but haven't really had the time to properly nerd out on it. There is 5G coverage out there, maybe that's the first thing to point out... but it's not actually all that quick. Not all that slow either but around 50-100Mbps based on some casual speed tests which is obviously more than plenty. I guess if I stand right beside a mast I might get more. I haven't done any 4G/5G side by side tests but may play around with it to see what I can get. I'm not entirely sure if the speed limitations are down to the radio network or the backhaul. So far I can't really see any downsides with the whole thing. I'm getting some fresh coverage here and there and some decent enough speeds, so how bad. There's more coverage coming as well in the next couple of months so should continue to improve.
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    About a month later, I can report ever increasing 5G coverage out there. I work in the Sandyford area and it's pretty much everywhere now from what I can tell whereas it was patchy enough a month ago. Indoor coverage is weak where I'm at and the phone tends to connect to 4G instead. It doesn't really matter as I'm on wifi indoors in any event. In south Dublin there's also plenty of coverage and also in the city centre even if I'm rarely there. The Park in Carrickmines has excellent 5G coverage as an example which is perhaps a bit random. I was deep inside Halford's the other day and had good 5G coverage. As per my previous post, speeds are in the 50-100Mbps range typically so not amazing but typically about 2-3x faster than 4G in the same spot.

    It hasn't exactly changed my world but the additional high-ish speed coverage is handy and they're clearly rolling out more of it.
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    there going to cap the sh$t out of 5g anyways so we wont see anywhere near the bandwidth promised.
    Youll need a new phone most likely too. the 5g s10 was a nice bit more expensive than the regular s10

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    It looks like someone has opened the taps as I'm getting 500-600Mbps type of speeds now.
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    Well that's good to know.

    Are the networks restricting 5G to certain monthly packages, or is it available to anybody on the network with a suitable device?
    Found anything you do on your phone which has benefited in a noticeable way from using 5G?

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    Seriously though, I've been on Skype calls around the office where it used to be pretty choppy before but full on 5G blast now. I was in the city centre and had to download something and it was like snapping a finger. Speed is always good...

    Re restrictions, it looks like you need to be on contract to get 5G but other than that, the same plans. It doesn't look like you can get a SIM only 5G plan for instance.
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    Looks like it'll be a few years then before it becomes available to monthly prepay customers, or those on a rolling 30-day SIM only contract?

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