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Thread: Vodafone has launched 5G (and I want it)

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    Vodafone has launched 5G (and I want it)

    Not much details on their web site:

    Eir will launch theirs soon also.

    All we need now are some handsets to use it.
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    what can it do that 4g cant on a handheld device ? is it not a bit like games wanting 5000FPS when the human eye cant detect over 200
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    Stuff needs more bandwidth all the time. 3G was great once upon a time, now it's fairly useless. 4G is ok but on a busy cell it will start to crumble. It's not a must have and I'm sure coverage is sparse enough at the moment but if it's there, I want it. Not sure I'm that keen on Vodafone's data limits, though. Seems to negate the value of 5G.
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    You will need a new phone...
    I find 4G find for everything while on the move for now, but its in the order of things.
    Ford Cortinas were also good enough for people at some point, but we moved on..
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    5G can improve business efficiency and save costs. It can enable real-time remote team working, and let you work seamlessly on the move with a faster, more reliable connection. Be there at the start of an exciting journey to a world of innovative solutions such as self-driving cars, remote surgery and more.
    I love new technology, but I think I'll pass on the remote surgery over 5G for now thanks ... "Just going into a tunnel .... snip"

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    Remote diagnostics of any kind is one of the areas they predict will be big. Could be diagnostics on humans or diagnostics on industrial machinery.

    I'm with Three which isn't exactly all that great but sitting in a Dublin eircode I'm currently getting between 2-4Mbps on 4G which is about what you would expect to get on 3G. If you're in places like London or New York you're lucky to get much any speed at all.

    The investment will be in 5G from now on so unless you get a 5G handset you're losing out on coverage/speed improvements. No major panic yet of course as I'm sure the coverage is quite patchy.
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    I'm very skeptical about these coverage improvements, given 5g requires far more antennae than 4g

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    It's coverage improvements to improve capacity, as in build 5G where the network is very busy. There are very many examples of where the signal is fine but the performance is very poor. It's all about performance at the end of the day and customers will move towards the best network.
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    Personally I'd be happy out with better 4G coverage nationwide, as it is dire in some areas. 90% of the time I'm connected to WiFi so 5G isn't a necessity for me at the moment .

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    With no Apple Phone update to 5G till sometime next year, I think it will be a hard sell to most people...

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