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Thread: Ants

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    Any suggestions for getting rid of ants from a garden, the kids are getting bitten every day and are starting to get reluctant to go into the garden we had a few the last few years but this summer the garden is alive with them.

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    I mix powered borax with sugar, peanut butter etc. Cook it up so it dissolves and then cool and serve to the ants.
    It knocks them back to 90% dead, but sadly has never solved the problem. I'm all for not using chemicals in the garden so this is my only concession, a bit of borax and ant food, every few years. I bought 2 kilos of it online 10 years ago. I still have 1.8 kilos.

    I've never used these guys, but this is what my borax looks like:
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    Ant powder is great, cover them up and draw along the lines. They bring it back to the nest and kills them all.

    We used to get them in the house, but one dose of powder kills them for this year and the following summer. They came back after the year off each time so now I just run a bit along the edges every year at start of summer

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    Look along the edges of your lawn/grass area were it meets the concrete path or patio they always seem to nest in those kind of areas!
    Then chemical spray the out of the nest i uses J's fluid last year and it worked a treat!

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    The ants are back, Ted
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    Please do not use any from of radiation or nuclear waste to get rid of the ants. It doesn't work. It can cause them to grow to an enormous size. I seem to remember a documentary about it somewhere.
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    I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords

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    As above. Ant bait traps. They go into the trap for a feed then they bring the poison back to the nest which kills the queen. Works a treat

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    Yeah & while we're at it anyone a suggestion for Lyme disease carrying ticks other than taking an AK-47 to deer?

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