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Thread: Colnago c64

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    Jesus James that’s stunning altogether, really nice. I see you have the Colnago logo with neater font that the original font, do you know if this is a new change or had you even noticed? If you look at the G on your logo it’s horizontal just goes left, whereas on some bikes it’s left and right.. I have an eye for these things!��

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    So the C64 landed on Friday as promised and its stunning.. the catalogue pics do it no justice as there’s gold fleck through the white pearlescent paint. The detail on it is amazing, so you can probably guess it’s a done deal! It’s to be built this week so I should have it for Sunday’s race and I’ll stick up a few pics as soon as it’s ready.

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    Nice one! Sensible move to stick with the drivetrain that you know. I thought you had a super six for some reason, maybe that was a few bikes ago best of luck with this one

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    sweet, enjoy it.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Looks amazing. I hope it rides as good as it looks.

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    That's purdy, well wear Damo 🚴

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