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Thread: Suzuki SJ engine availability

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    Suzuki SJ engine availability

    Just wondering how plentiful SJ engines are and how much one would expect to pay for a decent one?


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    I haven't got one.
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    We just sold one with 37k miles to a guy in Kilkenny who deals in parts for these. Sold the whole car for a few hundred quid. it was a crashed donor we had to keep our trials machine going over the years. I can get his details if you're still looking?

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    Which engine specifically? I believe various models have shared engines with cars like the Swift so there's a lot of potential donors. Check the engine code, you'll likely find the same engine in other cars. For non-Kei european cars it might be a G13A or B

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    A friend of mine swapped the 1.3 for a 1.6 Suzuki Baleno engine. Went much much better.

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    The G13b is a gem, there's a friend of mine in Galway tuning them for rally use to 180+bhp.
    He reckons they're getting scarce now.

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