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Thread: E-mail from Microsoft.

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    E-mail from Microsoft.

    I presume everyone here got an e-mail from Microsoft in the last few days. It's about "updates to our terms of use". The bit that caught my eye was this sentense:

    you must sign into your Microsoft account at least once in a two‑year period to keep it active

    I'm not sure if I am ignorant or innocent about some of this stuff but I need to know what that means. I was not aware that I had a Microsoft account. I just switched on my computer (when it was new), went to Google and made Firefox my browser. What do I need to actually do to keep my account active? Where is this Microsoft account or does it happen automatically when I use Google or some other programme? If I don't sign in to my Microsoft account will the whole world become inaccessable to me?

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    Do you use Skype or Windows 10 ?
    If yes to either you've likely created a MS account.
    Why not click the link in the mail and see what account page it opens in your browser ?
    Or click the search button in W10, type MS account, hit enter and see what you find.

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    No but just put up a new thread on ref hassle from microsoft ref recurring charges for the kids Xbox live gold ,,,even though we're gone since last year and I cancelled all this, annoying crap

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    If you haven’t used the account in the last two years then I doubt you will miss it. Other than for stuff like Office 365 or whatever it’s called I don’t think there’s any reason to have an account with them.
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    Never ever ever click on a link from an email unless you are one hundred percent sure it's legit. Go to Microsoft site directly and see if they have an account linked to that email address.
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    This is pretty common, if you're not using their services, they actually have to get rid of your data as they've no justification for keeping it.

    If your MS account is linked to your windows logon, you use Xbox live or Skype, then you should be ok. Just don't click on any links in these mails in case they're phishing mails, just go to an MS site and sign in. e.g.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crank_case View Post
    Just don't click on any links in these mails in case they're phishing mails, just go to an MS site and sign in. e.g.
    Or, failing that, just wait till they call you up on the phone which they love to do! .... :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by crank_case View Post
    , just go to an MS site and sign in. e.g.
    I thought I tried that link a few days ago but could not get in. However, it worked this time but I found nothing of any use to me. At least my account is live for two years!

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    If you were signed in then you'll find info on past purchases, current products etc etc etc in the menus somewhere.

    If you're using W10 my bet is you linked your W10 installation to your email at some point, which created a MS account for you. Or something as simple as using Skype will have done the same.

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