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Thread: Gazebo/Garage Flooring

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    Have those or similar ones in the shed but solid so nice for walking or working out on - use the holy ones on the lawn near steps BUT they’ll break up if walking on them over soft or uneven ground.
    You can use them plaster plugs to tap/hold them down but grass will come through.

    If you’ve anyone near clifden, I have a stack of still wrapped ikea plastic interlocking ones that are raised to allow water under

    Can’t recall what they cost but call it a favor done to pay forward some of the many I’ve had from folks on here.
    Thanks for the offer, wouldn't up those parts too often unfortunately.
    Think I'll chance a couple packs of the halfords mats and see how they fair out!

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    Went with the halfords mats and they were spot on. Had heavy rain one night and they didn't let any moisture through.
    Only issue was when I spilled petrol and two tiles swelled up and started to separate but they shrunk back down over night and you wouldn't notice now.

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