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Thread: Is there anything we can do to save our kind.

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    No DMZ doesn't mock the People Against Balance Sheets and the free iPhones and water and no tax for anyone except for the rich crowd, that's on me.

    The last time things went bady wrong for the country was when the nettle trousers party teamed up with the Soldiers of Destiny and did a deal whereby road tax was made more expensive in exchange for propping up the developers. And here they are again. I'm so so sick of it all that I'm thinking of a hybrid even though everyone knows they are the worst possible solution for the planet. I find myself trying to tax my V8's in three month increments so I can get a month off as appropriate. It kills me that I will be away for most of a double taxed month. I know I should resent a lot more, the pi$$ poor value that I get for my taxes and how they are squandered, but taxing cars that have to sit there makes my blood boil. And no I don't need volunteers to keep them warm.

    I do think the enthusiasts are going to be forced on track and otherwise in awful awful electric shared solutions. One of my colleagues was in a Google autonomous car in Vegas. What was it like I asked? Terrible, he said, like having your gran drive you around.

    That is our future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foyler View Post
    IN fairness its a nice sentiment , good idea & badly needed if you mean we should try and put a voice to this weird little cabal of car loving folks, if for no other reason to shine a light on the hypocrisy , pointlessness & absolute ology of some of the Govt/Green thinking/arguments for carbon change.

    I'd pay good money to sit and watch a select few of the more reasoned , informed & intelligent from on here, go toe to toe & shred most of the BS we hear from Pascal, Eamonn Ryan & the skinny fella from Friends of the Earth or whatever it is.

    Miriam for the mediation & I'd be thinking mick for the common sense motoring aspect, sj for his insight to how govt works, lyre appears to have done his homework and if memory serves is a doctor so big brain on board, bunk or cannyboy to cover the financials, LL to ensure nobody libels anyone and obviously cappo to add a touch of class .

    We can plant ming & DMZ in the audience to shout people down and go on rants about the monster looney raving populist shinners, free iphones for everyone if it all goes to shite - jobs a goodun!

    Haha fantastic post foyler Well up there with one of the best backroads posts this year😂😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by x19dude View Post
    Haha fantastic post foyler Well up there with one of the best backroads posts this year����
    Must agree.

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    What really stinks about the while thing was the plan to have 1 million electric cars by whatever year they said, they should focus on getting people out of cars, not into new ones

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    Yep agreed. We supposedly reached peak ICE a year or two ago and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll reach peak car sales soon enough too. I can’t see car ownership being a big thing in the future for a variety of reasons.
    I'm with the resistance

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    The green mantra of reduce, re-use, recycle (and repair) seems to go completely out of the conversation when it comes to cars.
    If you want to be green and a petrolhead the best you can do I think is never get your old car crushed, never buy a new car and repair/restore existing cars.
    These are things the petrolhead community do more than most.

    The same as catalytic convertors vs green burn and diesel versus petrol there's a lot of bad science out there being sold by industry and their spokespersons in govt. It's not green it's greed.

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    To answer the OP - there is nothing the petrol head can do as we are the minority and there is no one to replace us as millennials either don't drive or can only drive an EV.
    The only solution for us is to start to stockpile for the future!

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    And no talk of zero emissions ICE (hydrogen / CNG / LPG / Bio LPG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traco View Post
    Where is the arguement for reuse and maximizing the life of vehicle in this discussion.

    Has anyone looked at the total footprint of a vehicle from concept to end of life? I mean what's the number per km driven?

    The clothing industry has a bigger carbon footprint than all the air and shipping industries combined.

    There seems to be a marketing angle bring played here to make people purchase things they might not need, things with an initial carbon front loaded on them.

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    Car companies employ lots of people. Therefore, they must sell cars to keep those people employed.

    Its bats, I know.

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    Im still wondering if the lemming eats beef or not..............

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