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Thread: Climate change and all that.

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    God I can't wait to get my hands on a 13mpg machine, don't eat so much meat / dairy that's what's killing the planet, tearing down rainforest and contributing methane to the greenhouse gazes, drive what you want!
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    The proposal to double the tax on electricity for business, that's a good one. And very consistent with the move towards EV's, heat exchangers, and a greener grid.
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    all this climate change is bullshit. climate has been changing since the earth came into existence. we're only here for a tiny tiny fraction of the earth's lifetime, the climate will change even after we're gone.... i don't dump trash, i support sustainability and i'd like for people to stop cutting down trees. that's as far as i'll go with it thank you very much... taxes and EV's are NOT stopping climate change. RANT OVER...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    To me it seems pretty crazy to go and offer a scrappage scheme to get older cars off the road and then go and buy a new electric car.

    Do they take into account the amount of raw materials and energy that went into building the proposed car to be scrapped compared to the mining that needs to happen to produce all of these new batteries...

    Being Ireland some or a lot of these new laws usually get watered down but regarding motoring going into the future I fear they will mostly happen.
    It's all to easy for them to really turn up the tax screw on ICE cars as they already get such a massive tax from the whole motoring system.
    The Irish government is also subsidizing foreign manufacturers in other countries like Germany/Korea/Japan. Its money going out of the country.

    They need to remember the reuse part of reduce, reuse recycle.

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    What about Vans and the commercial fleet that move goods around?
    Only recently the Dublin port authority managed to get big cruise ships to dock there.
    And, didnt the gov recently secure a deal with China to supply Beef.

    This is absolutely insane.

    This has nothing to do with green policy and everything do do with increasing tax revenues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizz View Post
    Going by this article today, it seems they intend on stopping NCTing them so a bit more serious than taxes if they all of a sudden aren't road legal. It's all ridiculous...

    "Ultimately, legislation will be introduced to ban the sale of new fossil fuel cars from 2030 and to stop granting NCTs from 2045. A series of incentives are in the pipeline for people willing to transfer to EVs, including a car-scrappage scheme. It is hoped to have a charging network capable of catering for 800,000 EVs in place by 2030."
    Not even the UK are proposing something this serious. It’ll never happen

    (Screams internally)

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    Forget about the UK, they're pretty much as backwards as it gets. Hence Brexit etc. By modelling this country on that backwardness we're unfortunately in a pretty bad place now and it's time to move with the leaders who are far far far ahead when it comes to renewable energy, low carbon grids, spatial planning, public transport, house insulation and heating, etc. All that stuff that plan is talking about doing for the next 5-10 years is already reality in many countries.
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    Yes, good point. But is anywhere proposing an outright ban on not just the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, but the use of them at all. I presume this is what is being proposed for 2045. I don't think so, and I doubt we'll be the leaders on that front.
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    I am looking forward to being dead in 2045.

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    I’ve read transport chapter of this document (published on and as usual Independent and other media outlets show lazy journalism.
    This particular action says “develop regulatory framework on low emission zones based on demand study and international best practices” and sets target to the end of 2020 to publish it. This means councils may be empowered to set LEZs around 2022 or so.
    Overall this document is much better than those sensationalist articles show. Albeit targets are unrealistic - I.e 840,000 passenger EVs by 2030 (I think current number is 5,000 )

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