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Thread: Recommendations for detailing engine bay

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    Recommendations for detailing engine bay

    Right I've often cleaned cars etc but I've never tackled an engine bay so I was just looking for a few recommendations for what might be the best products to use.

    I will need something to clean and tidy up plastic and metal surfaces so any tips would be appreciated.

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    I have tried with damp clothes, foam cleaners, etc but I am never able to get into all the small spaces in an engine bay so i am currently on the look out for a small steam cleaner.

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    The method I use is:

    1. Covering anything electrical with plastic bags.

    2. Spray on the cleaning solution - I use about a 15/20% solution of Bilt Hamber Surfex HD mixed with water, which I find mighty. Then and work it in with a brush. You can increase the strength of the solution depending on the level of grime.

    3. Wipe down all surfaces with damp microfibers until clear.

    4. Dress. I used CarPro DLUX a couple of months ago and found the results excellent.



    There's no way I'd take a pressure washer to an engine bay. It's not necessary.

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    Thanks for those tips.

    I'll take a look at that Bilt Hamber.
    Would you for example put 200ml of it into 1 litre of water?

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