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Thread: Ring of Kerry Cycle.

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    Ring of Kerry Cycle.

    The club's annual Ring of Kerry cycle on tomorrow and for once the winds and temps look good. Should be a great day. Cycling from Tralee to Killorglin where it starts so the total will be around 222 km.

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    Excellent, lucky to have that on your doorstep. Enjoy it

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    Well I managed it plus a bit extra (300 km) but it was like an October day down here - outside the Tralee area at least where it was very pleasant. A cold stiff breeze up the mountains (headwind most of the way naturally) Then a monsoon type downpour that lasted at least 90 minutes around the Killarney area and I had only light shower gear with me. Also for some reason I can't sleep the night before big bike rides so only had two hours which meant I was left for dust by the others in the fast group.

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    Jesus, 300km is a feat in any weather or on any terrain. Kudos.

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    Fair play, 300k is an epic effort!! I did the ROK last year for the first time, absolutely loved it but could barely sit down for the week after lol

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