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Thread: wet vac rental

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    wet vac rental

    Looking for a place near Bray where I can rent a wet vac for a few hours.

    I had my leaking sunroof fixed, (drainpipe was blocked) but now would like to remove the water from the foot-well too. I mopped up as much as I can with a towel, but there is quite a lot of water in the sponge under the carpet, and I can't remove it unless I cut the sponge in two.


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    Mr hire does them, costs near 100.

    If the underlay has been soaked it will smell forever.

    Very hard to dry them without a smell coming back.

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    I’d throw a dehumidifier in the car too for a while. Might help?

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    thanks Graham, what would you suggest?

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    thanks richeyc2000, good idea, but I don't have a garage, the car is parking (kind of) on the street. I'll have a look at the car park at work if there is a socket near my designated spot, that should work.

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    Give the hire money to a valeter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trurl View Post
    thanks Graham, what would you suggest?
    Replace underlay.

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    If you can do without driving the car for a day or two I would definitely lift the carpet to try dry the underlay, a wet vac can only do so much from above

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    A good dehumidifier should dry it all out including the underlay with no residual smell. As mentioned above just get it valeted and leave the dehumidifier in it overnight in the valeters.
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