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Thread: My latest Wheeler Dealers type purchase.

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    Mine is great but sound is something it is lacking, I am on the forum and got a 2nd hand exhaust system from their wanted section there, I have my renewal with Autoline next week and will declare it and finally install the thing.
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    What's your insurance like on them and do you insurance more than one car?

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    They are in that weird bracket where unless you already have a policy with someone most cars are over 15 years old so normal insurance do not want to take them on and are a little too young for classic as they are under 20 years old.

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    So finally got this car running 100%...

    Seems like this did the classic ingest of its pre-cat thus the need for new rings etc and the main Cat was blocked with bits of pre cat. Exhaust now all clear and it’s flying.

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    How much did it cost do you mind me asking? Going to look at one later today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timm View Post
    How much did it cost do you mind me asking? Going to look at one later today
    I guess its all about condition. I bought mine for €700.... But Ive spent more than double that getting it right....

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    Doing it with Twins is better than being Single

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    One for 1k, paint seems to be in good Nick, some small rust spots at edges. Headlights would need serious restoration or replacing.

    Some light surface rust under the front hood in places nothing major looking. Same in the rear.

    Couldn't get a look into the pre cats dunno if they're still there or intact etc. Weird issue the seller was telling me with the spark plugs, one of the seals in the middle one is gone and water leaks directly into it which means water is getting down into the engine I figured... Bit of a chuggy exhaust at idle initially but didn't like the sound of water getting down into the spark plugs...

    Oil looked good, oil cap was fairly stuck on but it hasn't been used in a while.

    Needs a new soft top for sure.

    Interior was spotless for the trim, however there was a hole under driver side with rust underneath and damp / wet under the carpet, not surprising with roof condition but worrying. Musty / damp smell inside.

    Car seemed to drive well, hit of a funny noise occasionally off the exhaust but could just be it rattling. Brakes worked well although abs light started flashing orange, my obd scanner wouldn't work for whatever reason. Wheels felt possibly out of balance.

    Alloys would need refurbishing too.

    I actually really liked it, great fun to drive, feels great on the road and paint holding up extremely well.

    Just a shame about the small things that could be very big things, would have liked to come away with it but for the price it is could turn into a large expensive headache.

    Wasn't confident taking it away without someone who knows their stuff having a good look at it.

    E: no NCT either

    The search continues
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