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Thread: Head Torch / Light for working on cars

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    Head Torch / Light for working on cars

    I've been meaning to buy myself a decent head torch this long time but never got round to it. I'm sure most of you on here have experienced the frustration of seeming to spend more time holding a light with 1 hand or trying to balance a light in the engine bay, etc,,, for it just to fall or always seem to be in the wrong place.

    Anyway, can anyone recommend a decent head torch, I'm looking for something that will last, don't mind paying up to €100 for something decent with rechargeable battery. Not interested in cheapy mickey mouse crap, already have 1 of those. I've heard of LedLenser brand that Toolfix and Screwfix sell but the reviews of them from actual owners on Amazon suggest the new models are crap compared to the old models with usb charging points on the battery packs breaking, and the headbands breaking, etc.. so I'm not sure of them.

    I came across this "Fenix" brand which has good reviews on Amazon, just wondering if anyone here has a decent head torch light that they use for working on cars and can recommend it.

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    I've a petzl atik core that I use for running at night. I've used it on the car and it's fine. Battery life is good and you can get spares easily

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    That petzl isHere 2 on offer

    I’ve one of these that gets a fair bit of use and I’ve had few petzls over the years, very reliable. I’ve other way more expensive lights for mtb but the petzl will be plenty for,what you want it for imo
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    Cheers for the real world reviews, ordered it from that blacks site on offer here now. Thanks for the link.

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    A good alternative from Cheetah

    Can't fault it, maybe the switch might be awkward, charge lasts an age and the elastic strap hasn't lost it's elasticity after 3 years.

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    I cant recommend a head torch but the ryobi flood lights are the mutts nuts.
    Seen them first on mighty car mods (youtube) and picked one up in home base for 40e . I had some 4ah batteries already.

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    When & where did you get the Ryobi light for €40. They are €99 in halfords. Like you i have loads of batteries saw this on might car mods and am trying to justify buying one. At €40 minimal justificaion needed

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    Homebase in Liffy vally,end of april.
    there were clearing out loads of one+ gear.
    Homebase is the best place to get ryobi (from what I've found)

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