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Thread: Smokey's Carbon Black E46 m3

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    Smokey's Carbon Black E46 m3

    I think its probably rude not to contribute at least 1 thread as a member, it might be rude that I'm just copying straight from another forum that I'm a member of.

    Vin decoded spec sheet

    Type code BL92
    Type M3 (EUR)
    Dev. series E46 (2)
    Line 3
    Body type COUPE
    Steering RL
    Door count 2
    Engine S54
    Cubical capacity 3.20
    Power 252
    Transmision HECK
    Gearbox MECH
    Upholstery TEILLEDER W.N./SCHWARZ (N5SW)
    Prod. date 2002-02-18

    Order options
    No. Description

    Copy paste begin/

    I picked this up last week. I had spent a few months driving a lovely eg6 civic as a runaround but I couldn't put the need for another bmw out of my head especially with Christmas coming up I decided I wanted something a bit more civilised over the holidays.

    It was on Donedeal for about a week, pictures weren't great but the mileage was low which was a big deal for me. It has also had the floor reinforced, the diff rebuilt and new front discs and pads and calipers rebuilt. Upon inspection on a ramp it's the tidiest floor repair I've ever seen, obviously was done before cracks happened/got out of control.

    No proper pictures yet but the PO wasn't very good with dealing with paintwork so first thing was to get the paintwork up to standard. It's about 80% now but I will do a full correction when the weather picks up.

    First 50/50 during polishing... The paint was fairly grim and I wasn't sure how bad it was when I bought it but thankfully there was plenty of paint to work with although I'm looking forward to getting every blemish out.

    It wasn't my favourite colour but after polish I'm a bit of a carbon black convert I think.

    I'll get the vin decided soon. It's fairly highly spec'd.

    Plans for it are to repair the drivers seat motor which has broken cables. Fit new cd changer. Focus headlights and fit new RTAB.

    Just had an oil service at 90,000 miles.

    Plans for mods maybe some springs and spacers, keep it as original as possible. I may also look into getting a square wheel setup for it in the new year.
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    The old filter was in a terrible state... It seems to be common when people buy "induction kits" or "cai's" that the filters are never changed.

    The new filter is slightly longer but fits perfectly. The car pulls better now though and has a fantastic roar. The old filter must have been badly choking it. I think I'll hang onto the aftermarket setup that's in it now over going back to standard air box.

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    So for the first time in a good few years my car left me on the side of the road.

    Alternator gave up the ghost on the way back to cork from Dublin. Light came on at Portlaise toll and I made it about 80km before I ran out of power for tcs and airbags etc. Pulled in soon after and the car cut out. Managed to get the insurance to cover the recovery back to Cork so on the bright side I saved some petrol.

    Straight into the garage and pulled the alternator out when I got home and had it back the next evening with new bearings rotor and brushes.

    Polished one of the front wheels also to see if I could remove the black spots... Great success so I'll get the 4 wheels off the car this week and do a proper job.



    The difference was hard to capture with the phone camera but it's 100% better.

    Also gave the car a coat of colonitte 476's (that's the hazing in the picture above) so that I don't have to do anything but wash it until at least end of January. No pics looks same as after machine polish.

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    I washed the car on Saturday, the wheels were starting to really annoy me. I was beginning to see why so many cars have the polished 19s removed in favour of CSL's.

    Although I would have like to remove all the wheels I didn't have that much time in my hands so I polished the remainder of them in the car. I had used road film remover on them previously only to find that the clear coat becomes milky as a result and all the black marks from brake dust do not come out.

    After its wash it looked good but the camera doesn't show up how poor the wheels were.

    I used a metal polishing mop on my drill with meguairs metal polish and literally just went at the wheels with little or no sympathy for the clear coat. I was of the opinion that if they don't clean up they have to be refurbished so I have nothing to lose.

    These are the tools, the mop is black from polishing metal already and probably because it's dirty but it still works well.

    Before of one of the front wheels

    Took about 20 mins per wheel including sealing/waxing which I usually wouldn't bother with but if it helps prolong the finish I don't mind the extra effort.

    The after

    Used this on two wheels to seal

    And this on the other two. I'll report back on which did the better job longevity wise, I reckon it will be the colonitte but the Chem guys has a better shine from the word go.

    Took the diffuser off and have the exhaust tips a blast too.

    The crud was impossible to get off by hand


    Bling bling.

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    Stopped at the stealer today...

    All the re call work I was worried about done

    New plate surrounds

    First attempt at making new plates and they only took a week will have new plates and surrounds in today.... Can't wait!

    I also lowered the car and put 20mm spacers front and 15mm rear. Arty farty Instagram picture:

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    Since I lowered the car I've had to change the rear spacers I've now gone for a 15mm rear instead of 20mm but I have kept the 20mm at the front. Here's a few I took in the Gap of Dunloe.

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    Thanks for the comments lads. I'll definitely be sticking with the chrome grille, I think they look much better especially with black paint.

    Plans, well there's an alpine Ipod interface on the way so I'll have to get an intravee to go with that, just ordered some Intrax springs from Tomas Narusa, some new badges on the way, I received a motor for the drivers seat last week so that has to be fitted. Nct is coming up so no doubt I'll need a couple of tyres they seem to be wearing a bit on the inside since it was lowered. I think a carbon airbox is on the cards along with some bilstein b6's. I'll have to see how things go though. Have to change the oil again too I'm after clicking up nearly 5k since mid November!

    I'll be crucified for the last thing but I'm debating putting a tow bar on it so that I can tow my kart on a small trailer. I'm having trouble finding a detachable one for sale though and it's detachable or none at all.

    Here's a couple of random pictures from the weekend:

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    So big ball ache with the new "badges". I ordered "genuine" front and rear on ebay.

    Badge turns up singular, re read the listing and it was only for one. Balls but my fault, upon closer inspection it was a knockoff and the finish was a lot different to what was on the car. Big barney with PayPal over them wanting me to pay return post. In the end I took the eye for an eye approach and told the seller is remove his bad feedback if he refunded me. He refunded I left the feedback dodgy seller 0 slightly less dodgy buyer 1.

    I received my alpine and intravee in the post also and fitted these. Very impressed so far. Intravee menu is a bit glitchy but it's not a deal breaker so must look into this overall very happy. Here's some half arsed pictures I took during fitting.

    I used a prybar and a wire hanger to feed the wire into pocket below the armrest and the alpine lives under the rear bench now.

    And in the centre pocket

    iPod music in action

    Changed the oil again circa 5000 miles since last change. Will be changing to Mobil or an other alternative next though, engine is varnishy inside and |I suspect this is because of the castrol and the ridiculously long service intervals.

    Intrax arrived, currently have only the rear in

    Was racing karts in Louth 2 weeks ago and couldn't get accommodatation and the m3 was a fine place to stay for the night. I was well chuffed after that!

    Here it is in the fog a couple of weeks ago

    Parts on the way now are 2 new roundels and a new bootlid badge (from the stealer) - which have now arrived

    I fitted front Intrax springs last night, from the FK coilovers its night and day difference, car now feels like an m3 again. I was tempted to go for Bilsteins but I think I'll hold off for the moment and get the mileage out of the (from what I know) original shocks as I'm happy with the handling and height etc.

    So woth front and rear Intrax springs fitted on OE OEM or standard sachs shocks whatever you want to call them the car sits like so:

    I'm really over the moon with how it sits, I was worried it was going to come up from where the coilovers had it. I was also worried that they would be much softer, when installing I could push the shock and Intrax spring down nearly an inch while the standard spring and shock would only be pushed down a fraction of an inch. It must just be to do with spring preload and the shorter length of the new springs, another relief!

    Copy Paste End/

    Here's where I promise to post more soon but probably won't.

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    Jaysus that's a lovely thing altogether.
    You look and sound like you are looking after it well.


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    Thanks Carlos, I try my best anyway. There's often a comment passed about my parking in work |||| / |||, mine being the one in the middle.

    New diff bolts and euro exhaust tips ordered today so looking forward to fitting those to get rid of the notorious "m" clunk from the rear end when taking off. The euro tips should really improve the look or the back too.

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