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    E87 120d Sport

    Been a while but I'm back in a bmw. I've been eh, stalking this car for a few years ago as it belonged previously to friends of mine, most recently flyingalexf68 of this parish.
    I no longer drive to work so decided to try life with one car - it saved a few quid for a few months but it's a pain on the weekend.
    Since we've a 9-5 aero for the family car I didn't need a large car so couldn't really justify a 2.5 or 3.0 E39 again.
    I had been looking at E46 tourings but nothing decent had come up and I knew this was a good fun car, just needing a little work.
    First job was to get it ready and over to the NCT and check what was needed.
    I traced the hesitation at low Revs to a faulty egr pressure transducer, fitted a new one and this was sorted. Still though the egr light came on regularly..
    Next was the horrible job - cleaning the egr and inlet manifold. Removed the swirl flaps for peace of mind since there was a blanking kit with the car.
    Two bottles of injector cleaner and a bottle of dipethane went in. There was a rip in the boost hose from intercooler so changed that. Now had proper go restored and that rushing noise gone.
    Still getting occasional triggering of DSC - this is a known problem on these with reluctor rings expanding from rust on the driveshafts and then cracking, hitting the sensors.
    I was out of time though so decided to just go ahead with the NCT. The EGR light was staying off for longer - it stayed off for the test. Emissions were fine and surprisingly it was a pass overall.
    Next - flywheel is rattling so it's getting a full kit installed. I'll check and replace the breather filter in case that's still the old style. New crank pulley and belts going on as they came with the car.
    Considering an exchange turbo as there was a serious amount of oil in the pipes and it's noisy even after an oil change. These turbos are known for going.

    So besides all that I've had some nice drives in it since getting it fixed up.
    It's got fresh bilsteins on the front but I was surprised to see that the rear was completely standard. These cars are just really low as standard.
    I don't think there's many sports around.. the lower stance seems to transform the look. The wheels help too.
    How does it drive? Surprisingly heavy for such a small car but with the short wheelbase very agile. Ride quality a bit firm and bouncy but not terrible by any means.
    Steering nice and heavy.. Amazing front end grip.. cannot unstick it. The back is a different story. You can have power oversteer at low speeds but I'm not bullying the car as is till it's fully sorted. at a steady speed you can get whatever angle you want by just taking a tighter line.
    It's massive fun and it's a complete back road weapon. For me I think it's a more accessible fun than an E46 M3. And I haven't driven it much in the rain yet..

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    Nice bus and you're working through the common issues. The misses has a 118d M-sport and it had the reluctor ring issue which we got sorted. Was an easy fix as hasn't caused an issue since touch wood. When it got very bad the traction control would kill power to the engine on a dual carriageway / motorway so just be aware of this. Holding the DSC button down for 3 sections disables the TC completely and stops this from happening.

    They are indeed a very low car as standard and the suspension does not like rough roads but it's a hoot to drive. Only downside is the runflats which kill a lot of handling but we haven't bothered to change them.

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    My wife had a 05 120D sport too, great little car. It wasn’t too fast even after a remap but I loved driving it. Like you said they are surprisingly easy to get the rear out but very easy to control. I did find it very stiff though but we put on non run flats which helped.

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    Monza yeah have been there already, took me by surprise bit since the traction light was flashing I just hit the DTC button automatically .. I'm going to change one sensor this weekend hopefully. Need to check if it still has runflats but I don't think they are. The ride is not as bad as expected.

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    I still remember driving a friends brand new one of these in a 118d guise, se with piddly wheels, it had a really fun chassis that properly felt rwd and a great driving position. I remember being genuinely surprised how good it was to drive as i stepped back in to my lowly 1.4 mk5 golf.

    It's always made me wonder how good the 130i is.

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    My bro has a 116i and I drove it on some twisties a few weeks ago and was surprised at how much fun it was! Steering is very heavy though - much heavier than my old M3

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    Quote Originally Posted by 318 iS cosmos View Post
    My bro has a 116i and I drove it on some twisties a few weeks ago and was surprised at how much fun it was! Steering is very heavy though - much heavier than my old M3

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    Yeah it's a bit heavier than the e46 m3, and a good bit more than the e36 m3 * before z3 rack fitted. Anyways it's not a bad thing, it doesn't weight up a lot more at higher speed or anything like that.

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    Well wear, what sort of milage? Sounds like its either done a million or badly minded?

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    I think the mileage is 175k. It definitely had a few issues needing sorting but got through most of em. Changed the reluctor ring on the driveshaft at the weekend there and that's that sorted.
    Am looking at moving it on.. for once not to fund a new purchase so it won't be a fire sale. Really don't want to go onto donedeal, so if there's anyone interested here let me know. I will add a proper ad in the next days.

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    Gone, back to good old e39 for me

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