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Thread: Toyota land cruiser

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    Toyota land cruiser

    Hey lads just said Iíd post up here about my land cruiser I bought just before Christmas last year.
    Iv a real soft spot for these would love a bj40 but as they are very expensive and not really a family friendly machine. iv a 2 and a half year old and 9 month old at home so the newer lj is a better bet.
    So have a lj70 for a good few year now. But needs I bit of work with rust in the front and back wheel arches so was looking around and this came up. I looked at it a good while ago but the guy wanted way too much money for it so after a couple of months I contacted the seller again to see was he still interested in selling and he was so off we went with a trailer too look at it again.
    It was the most interesting sale iv ever seen or done. He was Russian with no English. There was a lot of banging and arguing and one point I thought Iíd be shot and dumped in a river.
    So the land cruiser is totally rust free itís amazing how clean it is underneath. Body is straight few scratches her and there but very presentable, graphics are nice.
    Interior is like thereís been a mechanic that smoked 100 cigarettes a day in it but nothing too bad. I think the color of the interior added to it as itís a dark blue/navy.
    Engine wise itís a 2lt so no great shakes. They are not the most moderan of engines and I was always going doing the conversion anyway but while in the process of buying it we were looking around and only happened to notice the turbo had been taken out and jigged up without the turbo. I know you would think itís very obvious but I didnít really drive it and you just expect it to be there. Itís was also badly leaking powered steering fluid. To be honest these are hard got especially a rust free one so it was coming home one way or another. Anyway it for a good price in the end.
    So what iv done so far.
    I bought a complete 90 series for the 1kz-te 3,0 engine. Lowish mileage but bought from a man that minded it well for good few years
    Iv both engines out.
    Had to swap the bell housing over on gear box.
    I got engine mount adapter plates from a guy in Australia which allows me to bolt the engine straight in
    Iv had to get a sump from a 70 series 3.0 which came from the United arab emerits. I need to get a oil pick up pipe which has been discontinued by Toyota I not sure what Iím going to do. I will probably have to fabricate one. Anyone ever make one of these?
    I need to get a manual injector pump from a 3.0 Toyota surf also. Anyone might have one? I try get pictures up tomorrow
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    Lads having trouble posting pictures. How do ye do it.
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    Toyota land cruiser

    Quote Originally Posted by Bennyc View Post
    Lads having trouble posting pictures. How do ye do it.
    I can see the picture above. I use Tapatalk to put up photos from my phone.

    See looks mint in the picture. I love the Landcruisers and would only love a BJ40 too but like you said they are mad money.

    Iíll ask a few lads about the 3.0l Surf. Might be something around Cork.

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    Looks great. Would you not try fitting the loom and ecu of the 90, it's worth a few extra bhp over the Surf pump. Also what model is the gearbox you are going to use?
    Deadly Dave

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    That’s beautiful, I love the period correct decals on it. The can make a good looking landcruiser look great in my opinion!

    Oil pick up pipe should be easy-ish to make. Use some play dough or similar to get the desired gap between the pickup and the bottom of the sump.
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    So here a few more pictures. My lj70

    And in the middle of the conversion

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    Id the lwb the one you bought for the engine?

    Love those lwb model landcruisers. It's hard to beat a boxy japanese 4x4.

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    Dave you can actually get more bhp with a manual injector pump and a intercooler that you will get by using the ecu. They are even more reliable with a manual pump also.

    Smoky ya the decals are what really sold me on it.

    Dave Mx-5 I bought a 90 series 1 kz-te engine for the lwb, I should have held out and bought 3.0 surf would have made the conversion much much easier

    So anybody with or know where there is a upto 96 3.0 surf Is be very interested.

    I put up an add on DoneDeal with a wanted manual injector pump but canít seem to find it. What am I going wrong. If I put in Toyota surf it doesnít bring it up. Any ideas?
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    Pictures of he 90series I took the engine out off

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    I like the 70 even more.
    Deadly Dave

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