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Thread: I'm contemplating a Citroen 2CV.

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    I'm contemplating a Citroen 2CV.

    The title says it all. My back has finally given up. I can't drive Snoopy, my much loved '92 Mini Cooper Spi anymore. So I'll sell it and get a softly sprung Deux Chevaux, full of Gallic (should that be Garlic?) charm and plenty of smiles per mile.

    I owned a Charleston in the early 90s. I was enchanted by it and was stupid enough to sell it because I wasn't doing enough mileage to justify it. I'm on the hunt for a decent 2CV. There's a few for sale here which seem to be either overpriced or rust buckets......or both! Mind you, I may be out of step with values and, admittedly, the youngest ones are 20+ years old.

    Does anyone know of a decent one for sale? Any tips on what I should look for? Should I buy from abroad (I don't mind left hand drive)? Anyone want to buy a '92 Mini (once it's NCT'd)?
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    I thought about one of these myself after watching Chris Harris’s video on the one he bought. However, I dread to think of what would happen to you if you had the misfortune of being in even a minor accident. I’d imagine if you ran into a pane of cracked glass, you’d still come off the worse...

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    + 1 on the safety and I'd say borrow a good one , and try it out for a day ,before you buy as nostalgia can be very misleading.

    an electric push bike might be a better buy and could fix or at least strengthen your back , worked wonders for my mate.
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    It might have a soft ride but the seats would probably break your back!
    Deadly Dave

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    I could be interested in the Mini, PM me on some details when you get a chance.

    Regarding the 2CV I remember being in one as a small child in the backseat and just remember the roll as it went around the corners, wonderful things!

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    I think you should, I drove one recently, they are bonkers, but very cool if you get the right one.

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    Examined a 2CV yesterday. What a heap! I declined to drive it. And what a cheek trying to sell it by telling me I'd have to look hard to find better! Really?

    I'm having a look at two over the weekend. They can't be any worse than that rust bucket.......can they?

    May end up with an excuse for a road trip to La Belle France after all!
    Beware of imitations; there's another lawyer out there calling himself "Lucanlaw!" So the writing on the wall may be a forgery!

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    I don't think rust-proofing ever was their strong point

    I reckon your best bet is either a fully restored one, or a trip to the far South of France to find one that's spent most of its life in dry climes.

    I drove an old LHD round headlight version a few times - damn good fun. According to one lifelong fan and proper petrolhead the Right Hon. Alan Clarke, there isn't a single bend on the Queen's Highway that - with the prerequisite degree of skill, and reasonably sized cojones, should not be taken flat out Think you'd enjoy one..

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    I've had one in past, you will quickly become a momentum God! Such craic, great little engines, hilarious suspension (speed humps no longer exist), roll back roof, flip up half side windows, the odd gear stick and the crash protection of a bicycle. Would have another in a heart beat.
    If half thinking about it, do it. All parts still available (or at least they were when I last looked) and very reasonably priced. Perfect summer classic.

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    The French seem to be very careless car owners so not sure id go looking there. If I wanted an old style French simple wafter id be more inclined to opt for a Renault 4.

    Or this lovely series 1 Renault 5. These are very comfortable cars.
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