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Thread: iPhone Prices

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    iPhone Prices

    My trusty iPhone 6 Plus is starting to show its age (probably by design rather than accident) and I have been on the lookout for a replacement. I tend to buy the phones directly from Apple rather than enter into expensive contracts, and my SIM-only plan is Virgin Mobile's €25pm unlimited calls, texts and data.

    I looked into buying outright or contracting an iPhone XR 6.1in 64GB. There is no difference buying ROI/UK, the price is €879/£749. Buying one in the US and bringing it home undeclared - which is illegal, mmmkay - is €723. With my €25pm contract over 2 years the total price for an Irish or UK outright purchase is €1,479 and for a US import is €1,324. For comparison, getting the same phone with Vodafone on a decent data package is €2,220.

    However, I discovered that Virgin Media have an offer for existing customers where the phone costs €99 down, €35pm x 24 for the phone and €25pm x 18m for the unlimited SIM card for a total price of €1,389 for two years - which works out just a small bit more than schnaking home a phone from the US and less than buying one outright in Ireland.

    My question is to the massive is, where's the catch? I suspect it's a hook to get 30-day SIM-only users back into the contract/upgrade cycle but beyond that I can't figure out why this works out cheaper than the buy-outright option.
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    The catch is it’s time to move to Android.

    I bought an XS lately and while I’m really happy with it, it’s far too much money for something whoch has a lifespan of two years. You could buy 2-3 decent android phones for the same money. My XS also started stalling the other day, not what I expect from a phone a few months old and probably a sign of the horseshit I’ll have to put up with down the road.

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    iPhones are always cheaper on contract. It’s a loyalty play.

    And yes agreed on Android.
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    The iPhone range is over complicated at the moment too. Myself and the wife both need new phones, off to New York tomorrow, and still confused. XR seems best bet without getting silly.

    I’ll ask if they’ll do me a ‘buy 2, get 3rd fee’

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    I agree on the move to Android, I already figured this will be my last iPhone but for now I'll stick with Apple.

    Thanks for the tips lads.
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    Got a XR 256gb about a month ago. Its a good phone but find it too big. Doesn't fit into the phone pocket in my snickers. Because its bigger it can be very hard to use it one handed which ends up with dropping it a lot more than my old iphone 7. I also don't really like not having the home button! Saying all that, if I had the chance to get a different phone I wouldn't. All my devices are apple and the ease that they all connect to each other makes the extra cost worth it to me.

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    Tis mad Ted.

    Two years in now on my 170 euro Moto G5s at 5 euro a month with three, which accomplishes every task, feat and feature I expect from a modern smart phone. -You need to apply your s-class maths to your phone-life.

    -Think of the briquette-savings alone!

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    So I rechecked my figures and found an error - the cost of buying outright in IRL is €879 plus 24m contract * €25 @ €600 = €1,479. The Virgin deal is €99 up front plus €840 for the phone plus 21m contract * €25 = €1,464. Bringing a phone in from the US is €723 plus 24m contract * €25 @ €600 = €1,323. All things being equal the Virgin deal still comes out on top given no laws get broken and no savings have to be sank into it.
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    Without a contract you can surf a lot of SIM free deals so you will save by owning the phone outright. I have my kids on €20 a month SIM free with eir and they have a €15 a month deal at the moment from what I know. I basically switch deal every six months or so to whatever deal they have going. That said I typically end up on iPhone contracts. 4 years should be possible on a phone so it's not the end of the world to take the iPhone hit every so often.
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    Yeah I've been doing the contract surfing for a number of years now. My wife is a real early adopter of new phones so I tended to get her cast-offs once the contracts were up and the phones were unlocked, or we'd sell them off and I'd buy outright from Apple. I was on €5 a month then €15 per month with eir for a long time and then on the free for five months then €25 Virgin deal (for existing Virgin Media customers) but recently it seems like the SIM only market firmed up a bit. I also tend to try and go for unlimited contracts (including data) but I think now it's time to shift to a contract for a while.
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