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Thread: My Mk7 R

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    Quote Originally Posted by evin View Post
    Lucky ! Currently doing Clane to Capel Street, will be doing Clane to Sandyford
    I feel for you, i've several friends and family who do the M7/M50 everyday! You might see me around Clane though - i'm over that way a good bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evin View Post
    Could you just lie to me and say 35?!

    Looking to change vehicles soon and the ONLY thing that's tickled my fancy so far is a 3/535d... ~300bhp petrol would be nice but my excuse is better mpg for a longer commute
    Owned a 535d for 18 months and averaged the same mpg as the golf R. Thats with about 20% traffic miles and 80% motorway miles
    Vtec addict

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    To keep the thread up to date..

    Car was in Daltons last week...

    Revo subframe bushing i was getting a bit of movement on gear changes in comfort/normal mode this has made a good difference, movement on gear changes has been reduced and rattling of exhaust on heat shield while reversing is all but gone - since re fitting the resonator (this requires the exhaust assembly to be pushed up) the exhasut was knokig off the heatshield when reversing up an incline.

    Got the updated Revo stage 2 over run map on, it's a very subtle difference unfortunately the resonator soaks up most of the pops and bangs and it just comes out as more burbles, it did sound nice while running it on the high map over the weekend, i'll drive it for a few days on the normal stage 2 map now for a few days and see how it goes.

    Was on a run through Connemara at the weekend so put some octance booster in and switched to the higher map, the R behaved well around the roads of the west, the mk7 Chassis is made for roads like that, it never felt stretched or stressed, it averaged 24.9 for the entire day which is great considering it was in beast mode and race for pretty much all of it.

    One of my fave pics from the weekend...

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    Serious motor. Blisteringly quick, sounds deadly too. I'd say you'll have this one for a while yet, not much out there to match it in the same price bracket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hooch View Post
    Serious motor. Blisteringly quick, sounds deadly too. I'd say you'll have this one for a while yet, not much out there to match it in the same price bracket.
    Yeah nothing that comes close in the same price range and gives you so much comfort and toys also, in terms of real world performance you'd have to spend multiples of the cost.

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    They really are awesome cars for the price bracket and your three door is class. I’d two of them and miss them both dearly

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    Had the R in for it's first NCT on monday it failed on emmissions.... I seen the guy testing it moving the probe from one side of the other but obviously both times he put it in the closed (valved) exhaust! I said it to him when he told me it failed and i instantly knew by his reaction that he had messed up but he doubled down and just said No that he test both sides, yeah the closed pipe on both sides!

    So.... just to make sure

    Back in today - passed straight away - more clued in tester - i seen him checking with his hand which tail pipe was 'live'

    Now to try get 28e back from them......

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    Ah that’s annoying. He must have known by the readings he was wrong.

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    He knew he was wrong. He wasn’t for turning I kept my calm walked out the door and almost immediately booked a retest for today.

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