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Thread: My Mk7 R

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    My Mk7 R

    So i went and bought an R, the previous owner is also a member here so a few might recognise the car. The car is a credit to previous owner, tasteful mods well minded, and a perfect service history. I had looked at 8V S3's but for the year,spec i wanted they were about 4/5k out of my price range so late last year i turned my attention to R's and once i did that there was only 1 example worth buying.

    Some will know the car and the spec so i won't go into it but needless to say it had the main things i wanted in 3dr, DSG and low mileage there is only 23k miles on it at present. The added tech is all a bonus the ACC is fantastic in conjunction with the DSG you can do journeys the length of the M7 to Dublin in rush hour traffic without ever touching the pedals.

    Ok some pics...

    All i've done to it since getting it is coding, it's amazing the amount of tweaks you can make on these newer cars, Tweaks i've carried out...

    Coded start/stop to permanently off - it's redundant on this car anyway and everytime it starts up a traffic lights you look like a plonker - it isn't exactly a quiet car
    DRLs only as coming/leaving home lights - one of my fav tweaks
    I alos enabled the off road menu in the MIB II later R's came with a performance menu unfortunately i'll have to make do with this - it's handy to have oil temp on the main display and not in the cluster, the boost gauge available with the performance menu would have been nice to have.

    I also carried out a little preventative job. The famous bag of silica gel in the coolant expansion bottle, numerous reports of these bursting on MK7s and causing all kinds of damage.

    Made a subtle little change to the grille and covered the chrome strip with gloss black wrap.

    will do the chrome strip on the lower splitter too.

    I also bought a pedal box from Vinnie on here - it plugs in between the accelerator pedal and the car and there is a bit of lag/dead spot at the start of the pedal travel that is annoying - then you have the typical VAG thing of the pedal travel not being linear - i remember Joe power changed this on my 8L S3 when he was mapping it and i found it great. Well the pedal box does that same job and can be tailored to suit.

    I initially put it on sports plus but that was insane for town driving, so now i have it on sport -1 and it's perfect.

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    Had A minor blip early on in ownership - this error popped up, cornering lights and headlight assist stopped working as a result - all google searches pointed to the static cornering lights, both mine were fine - i'd checked them when the error occurred, so i scanned the car with VCDS..

    I went into my local VW parts department to order one and their system was saying my car had no front ride height sensor on any side and only a rear ride height sensor - myself and the parts guy were baffled by this. So i gave George Dalton a shout and he checked his system, he came back with a part number and i ran it by Gary in Sheehys , it came up as a ride height sensor for A3/S3, so i told him to order it.

    Now i've replaced at least one ride height sensor on every VAG car i've owned that had factory xenons - but they've always found them physically broken when i went to change them , this is what greeted me when i jacked the car up....

    A perfectly intact ride height sensor (one the VW ETKA said my car didn't have ) So i unplugged it - cleaned the connection with contact cleaner - put the wheel back on and dropped the car - scanned it again and still showing as failed. Only one thing for it install the new sensor - fit wheel and drop car - scanned all clear happy days! For the record my car had 2 ride height sensors at the front and one at the back.

    The part number on the old sensor just to confirm i had the right part..

    Nice shot of the underside...

    Thanks to Plane motorsport as always for his time and space

    I noticed when i while driving after fitting that my dipped beam was aiming very high and that when i had headlight assist on it was a bit out with the area of road it was blacking out to not dazzle oncoming cars and i got flashed by quite a few of them. I read the values from the 3 sensors on the car and sure enough the one i'd replaced was out of sync with the rest - i don't know what that's about, however i did a basic settings adaption on the headlights and then acknowledged the basic settings adaption and the headlight assist seems to be working ok now even though the sensor is still reading out of sync with the others - i will have to see how it goes over the coming nights.

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    Love the 3 Door Golf R health to enjoy

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    Fine bus, remember to switch your DRL's back on when it comes time to NCT it.
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    Stunning motor, love these cars and so much fun to drive.

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    Cheers lads.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    Fine bus, remember to switch your DRL's back on when it comes time to NCT it.
    Never switched the DRLS off. Sure they are on in the pic The tweak i did is DRLs only as coming/leaving home lights so when you lock or unlock it in the dark only the DRLs come on not the DRLS and dipped headlights.

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    Ah right, I get ye now.
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    Enjoy it Tossy - they are a really good machine. I find the chassis balance spot on (a lot of people would like it to be sharper) - be careful of the ability to carry speed they cover ground at an epic clip. I have found they also really enjoy revving out and there is a good old school secondary push from the turbo at about 5,200. Mine is a manual so the radar cruse control is limited in its usefulness. I have put on 27,000 miles in a little under three years - which included a good spin down as far as Barcelona the summer before last. They are sensitive to road surface changes - even with the variable dampers. They can also use a bit of oil so worth keeping an eye on the level. Generally the paint is good and can take a bit of wear - the bonnet is a little exposed and can get a chip or two.
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    Lovely car, one id love to own someday but would be a 5 door.
    Was this forsale in Dunshaughlin car garage by any chance seen an identical one advertised outside there.

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    Cheers Dec for the write up.

    No this wasn’t for sale anywhere pretty sure the one in Dunshaughlin was manual.

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