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Thread: Working in Dub - Routes for Cycling

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    Working in Dub - Routes for Cycling

    hi, staying in park west area, looking to explore the wicklow mountains or a nice route or 10. anyone recommend any?

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    What kind of mileage? (how fit are you?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloke View Post
    What kind of mileage? (how fit are you?)
    17/18mph average on my own these days. i tend to work around 150mile a week at the minute.

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    What's that in KM? And where are you planning on starting/finishing from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desmo View Post
    What's that in KM? And where are you planning on starting/finishing from?
    yes sorry should have remembered the old kmh lol 27-28 roughly. im staying in parkwest clondalkin area. thats why i was asking really was for some help on selecting a route that doesnt see me getting mown down or on the motorway lol

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    You'd probably be better off throwing the bike in the car and heading for somewhere closer to Rathfarnham/Marley Park to start. Can't give you any pointers on getting from Parkwest to there by bike, I'd say they're all as heavily traffic'd and brutally surfaced as each other. From Marley Park just look at a map and make your way to any of the roads heading due south, the r115, r116, Ballyedmonduff Road and keep going as far as you like, Enniskerry, Pine Forest, Glencree, Featherbeds, Sally Gap, Roundwood, Laragh etc. There's almost no road you'll pick in the Wicklow Mountains that isn't worth trying if you've never been there before.

    Make sure you climb Kilmashogue Three Rock and Kippure at some stage before you leave.

    And let us know how you found them!

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    Nangor Road, then the belgard Road will bring you to west Tallaght. Go out the N81 to Brittas, turn off for Manor Kilbride then follow signs for Sally gap. At the top of the gap you can go left and back to Dublin, straight on for Luggala or right for Laragh, depending on how you feel!

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    30kph average and 1000kms a month cycling

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    Cheers at desmo and bloke! That’s a good start!

    Lol twinspark I’ve only got 827 in since January

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    Oh yeah so would be 1000km

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