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Thread: Sell all my cars and have one nice really one?

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    Sell all my cars and have one nice really one?

    So I am at a crossroads with my fleet and having to make some long term decisions - mainly over insurance issues.

    So the basic Q is sell them all (not including my everyday Landcruiser and my three motorbikes or my TR6 or my E30 or my UNO of course) and have one really nice fun car like a Porsche 991 or some such or just continue as I was?

    Edit: Perhaps I should explain - I just got a quote for the TR6 €300 - not bad I suppose but that's just the first one. I am having to insure all the cars individually as opposed to my previous fleet arrangement. What happens when I go in looking for insurance for my Fiat coupe turbo or corrado G60. I doubt I can afford to insure them all.
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    What cars are younplanningbon selling to afford the one really nice one?

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    How many cars have you insured at present?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelnut View Post
    How many cars have you insured at present?
    Only vehicles insured at the minute are my Landcruiser and my three motorbikes. They are looking for fresh detailed photographs of the TR6 which I have to hand in on Monday.

    I am sure there won't be much problems insuring the cars over 30 years old like the TR6. I simply put them as add on's to my TR6 policy for an extra fee of course - looking like €300 a pop. So the present "classics" are going to cost €1,500 a year alone. Landcruiser was €1,300 alone.

    The E30 isn't going anywhere no matter what but all the others The Corrado and Fiat Coupe are looking a bit doubtful. The Corrado and E30 will be over 30 years in 2021 so might hang onto them. So that only leaves my Fiat Coupe and the E220 W124 Mercedes coupe to decide about.

    I am just afraid at some point they will say enough with all your cars. Why can't you just live with one like everybody else. Well in that scenario Ill take a Porsche 991 please.
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    Don't mean to hijack your thread but what is it with the insurance companies here?

    Surely most countries offer some sort of fleet insurance/multi car policies.
    What is so hard about offering such a policy?

    It looks like you have choice of insuring a fairly modern car,registered within the last 10 years or so,and classic policies.

    Crazy situation.

    Apologies for the rant but I'm sure this is just wrecking your head so much that your thinking of selling your cars.

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    Insurance and tax are dead money which means owning many cars in Ireland is a painful endeavour. Only you know if it's worth it or if having a 991 is a better bet. I think it's nice to have a couple of cars for a bit of variety but you are perhaps taking it a bit further than that...
    I'm with the resistance

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    You're essentially in the same situation I would be in if I had room.

    I don't know where you're parking all of these cars, but I know that I felt like a new man when I took to fleet back to a more manageable/logical/justifiable level.
    I still have a yard that's standing room only in Ireland, and it just makes zero sense and brings me no enjoyment.

    Waiting until 2021 to save a few bob may not be worth it if the things are sitting outside. My cars have deteriorated with increased ferocity as I've been waiting to save a few hundred quid/yr.
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    My Autoline Classic policy allows multiple cars on the one policy, the premium is calculated on the value of the cars insured, with additional named drivers too. This might be a workable option?

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    I am lucky to have plenty of space and plenty of good quality garages so at present I have everything snugly stored inside. I am actually demolishing some old garages and constructing a new 4 car garage in the summer. But that project may have to be put on hold if the insurance situation proves too expensive. Problem is I can't ever be satisfied with what I have. My latest car want is a Fiat Arbarth 595 - was looking at one yesterday.

    I know that even with a nice Porsche 991 I would get bored of it if it was my only car.

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    dibs on the corrado
    Don't bother with Eco, it's not very nice, leave it in normal & drive it like you just stole it.

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