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Thread: Winter Daily Saab9-3

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    The DPF was choked and I left it in with the mechanic to get fixed. All sorted now and car is absolutely flying. It's had a lot of money spent on it recently (bangeromics and cheap winter daily out the window):

    - 2 new front tyres Lassa Driveways in July €180
    - Timing Belt/Water pump, service, inlet manifold flaps blanked, dpf fixed €600 in October/November
    - Ecu faults cleared with Saab specialist €200 in December

    Car isn't really worth putting anymore money into and thinking of selling but I would say I'm married to the car now 08 cheap tax diesels are cheap and plentiful. But the auto 150bhp 1.9TID Saab 9-3 is €750 to tax from 08 on and this is €710

    I fancy a bit of cheap tax and an estate bmw 320d. More money for my projects. But the timing chain craic scares me and any tax savings would be totally gone by a replacement timing chain.

    There is a bit of steering wheel play and seemingly it's a very common Saab problem and just needs the U-Joint replaced. Anyone had that issue on their Saab? Is it a diy-able fix?

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    I haven't been on this forum in a while but yes, the u-joint can be easily replaced. Its very diy-able but a little bit tricky as space is a tight. There's a guy in the UK who refurbishes them, buy you're probably as well of just getting a used good one from Anthony Jordan in Donegal. I think there is a write up on UKSaabs of how to do it. Just note that the U joint for the diesel and petrol are different, so make sure that you get the right one.

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