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Thread: Japanese Car imports (just got a little more affordable)

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    I thought the 10% duty was being reduced over 10 years or something.hope I’m wrong. is anyone sure the 10% is gone?

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    I thought it was being phased out over 7 years, only some goods are taking effect immediately
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    Yeah spoke with Patrick in JDM AuctionWatch about this a while back it's only being phased out can't remember the exact breakdown but its 5 or so year before it's fully gone IIRC. I've imported a good few cars through Patrick over the years.

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    Derv, any idea what something like this would cost after importation VRT etc?

    They are known as Dajibans, japaese kei vans modified to look like American custom vans. Blow company seem to be one of the main modifiers of these.

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