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Thread: home automation upgrade, hubs, protocols, etc

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    How are you getting on with I've been using it in a virtual machine on my home server for the past year and I'm amazed by the progress they're making with it! It's become so much easier to use in that time!

    I've dabbled a bit with different integrations but at the moment it's mainly limited to lights. I have one of those cc2531 sniffers set up with zigbee2mqtt running a few bulbs in table lamps, and a handful of xiaomi sensors (door, humidity, temperature, presence, light) and switches. We had the hue system in every light fitting in the house at one stage but it was irritating having to put covers over the wall switches and having to use an app to toggle them. We've now just got them in lamp fittings with a zigbee button to toggle them.

    I've got presence detection using our asus router which assumes we're home based on our phones being on the WiFi.

    The firetv is linked to my hub, and the living room lights dim when it knows we're watching a movie, and go back to full brightness when we pause it.

    I've also got automations to turn the downstairs ones on 1.5hrs before sunset, and the upstairs ones come on at sunset. I also have actionable telegram notifications to remind me they're on when I'm out late with options to turn them off using a telegram callback.

    The most useful one is the xiaomi plant sensors, with notifications when it reaches a particular moisture %.

    I previously had an rf receiver that allowed me to use a cheap rf doorbell button as a trigger to play a doorbell ring through my Google home mini. I've been trying to move everything to zigbee but still looking for a suitable doorbell button.

    I love the flexibility it offers, and the fact that it's confined to your local network.
    Nice work! I've shelved it for the moment, am in the midst of a house renovation so thats taking up any downtime I had.
    Have decided to run a couple of cat 5 cables but will be going mostly wireless/mesh I think.

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    Is there an ad on module of some sort that can connect to an existing house alarm that will contact someone through WiFi when the alarm is ringing?
    Deadly Dave

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    Have a look at

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    Thanks long11
    Deadly Dave

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