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Thread: 2008 Audi 8P S3

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    Yep, 235's will be worse for rubbing. Nice wheel but would be nicer in 18's.
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    Round 2. Picked these up cheap. One of my favrouite wheels. Ordering Michelin PS4s for them and on they go. May change the colour to silver, but will live with the black until I can decide.

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    Lovely wheels.

    Black wheels can sometimes look lost on a black car.
    Look smaller too, just my opinion.

    Try them and see.
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    The black could look cool, only thing that puts me off black wheels is the tyres always have to be dressed or they just look dirty.

    Some wheel colour like 'Ferric Grey' would look nice against the black paint.

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    You can't go wrong with a set of PR 1.2s. I think silver would be nice but with the Michelins that would be a lot of money to drop at once. Leave them black for the winter maybe.

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    Pro races on and Michelin PS4s.
    She's on track to be a proper B road basher now with a few more bits in mind

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