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Thread: Max Wrist.

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    When I saw the title I thought it was about masturbation- Max Wrist- ha ha

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    Max Wrist = Load of Wank. Just another Ghost Rider wannabee. The trouble with all of these guys is imitation, which normally results in serious injury or death.

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    So I am assuming Ghost Rider is now RIP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfaguy View Post
    So I am assuming Ghost Rider is now RIP?
    Apparently hes still alive. His first cousin, Turbo Rider, is believed to be RIP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardsheil View Post
    When I saw the title I thought it was about masturbation- Max Wrist- ha ha
    Shame on you for clicking!

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    Viewer discretion advised.

    Max Wrist's luck runs out - I am amazed it too this long and his new S1000RR is in sh1t.

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    Two Wheeled Jesus's video the day before the crash.

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    I think this deserves at least a positive comment apart from the initial post by Alfaguy. To be succinct:
    1. Wristy never said he's the greatest rider on earth, in fact he's very humble about it, saying himself there's others better of course. However, I would keep in mind Wristy is light years ahead in skills of 99% of the average riders on the street which no one video can show.
    2. MaxWrist as a YT channel has encouraged many people to start riding with a lot of comments saying so on YT and sister channel MaxWrist Gold (run by 'Maxy', his business partner). That doesn't mean all these new or want to be new riders following want to be exactly like Wristy. They see the fun in riding and want to give bikes a try. Nothing wrong with that IMHO, more the merrier!
    3. Watch more carefully the MaxWrist vids to get the drift of how Wristy rides. Wristy is actually a very intuitive rider when he pushes it, meaning very aware of what's going on and contrary to what some may think at first glance, he's not taking overly excessive extravagant risks, well in control of everything he's seeing and doing.
    4. MaxWrist is a business and treated that way. Wristy loves what he does but at the same time running professional YT channels which provide content 800,000+ ppl sub to watch.
    5. Street racing is bad for you and others. Like, if MaxWrist wasn't around no one would be doing this? Gimme a break. Ever since the first cave man invented the wheel they were out there racing.
    6. What Wristy does is what Wristy does. For the critics, Do your own thing, make your own videos and show us how well you ride then.

    /end two cents 🙂

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    Coming from the profession I was in for 31 years I obviously would frown on the antics of Max Wrist on a public road and as a motorcycling and car enthusiast I was just cringing when he was ragging that beautiful new S1000RR to death the minute he got it - a bike which apparently was bought from the proceeds of donations from his viewers and is now in bits.

    The bit I find most objectionable though is a feature of most of his video's - seen one Max Wrist video seen them all basically as they all follow the same pattern. That is;

    He is riding almost all the time with other bikers who it seems are unknown to each other and to him so there is no knowledge of their abilities or any way to gauge how sane they are with a motorbike.

    He constantly slows leaving all the bikes pass him and then proceeds to pass each one of them while usually doing a wheelie. This cycle is repeated constantly during the ride. This constant speeding up and slowing down is a big danger on any group ride.

    Then there are the crashes - of which there is usually one during a max wrist group ride. Some of them have been very serious but Max Wrist seems to revel in them showing repeated slow motion videos of the accident with the occasional funeral church bell sound effect thrown in. We are never appraised of how the injured biker is recovering subsequently and he is never mentioned again because he is old news by the time the next video comes around and a new biker has crashed and is injured.

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