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Thread: Wheel + Arch protrusion / NCT/Law?

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    I had a 215 tyre on a 8.5J alloy and I failed due to incorrect tyre size. I would not call them stretched really, but the outer edge of the alloy was outside the bead of the tyre, that was enough to fail me. A 225 tyre is acceptable on a 8.5J. I failed on a few other reasons so i reckon i got a .

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    Ouch. I have a 215/35 on a 9j and 235 on a 10j




    Doesn't look "overly" excessive.. lol
    ..formally "greenmachine" from the ol'days.

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    Haha, unfortunately going by the fact mine failed, that will fail 100%. But then again everything is subjective depending on the tester. Mine was 215/45 so even the 35 will add more of a stretch to yours

    This is exactly what mine looks like

    I'm not going to do anything to mine and just go to a different test centre, am 80% sure it will pass the second time round with a different tester.
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    Jesus that's a bit much, I wouldn't even call that a stretch. Think it'll just be a matter of raise up to max height, stock wheels on for test, and back to normal.
    ..formally "greenmachine" from the ol'days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinISF View Post
    Jesus that's a bit much, I wouldn't even call that a stretch.
    Exactly, but the edge of the tyre is inside the edge of the rim. That's what I was told as to why my tyres failed.

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