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Thread: Wheel + Arch protrusion / NCT/Law?

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    Wheel + Arch protrusion / NCT/Law?

    My rear wheels lips may protrude by a few mm after final install, unless I go a route of a little flaring.

    Is there currently anything set in stone regarding any law or NCT failures if there is any protruding of a wheel?

    Attached a rough pic.
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    Once the tyre isn't protruding you should be ok I believe

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    Looks OK. The thread that contacts the road can't protrude.
    Deadly Dave

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    On my mx5 I've failed on the wheel protruding but the actual contact patch of thread was under the arch. Ended up having to have nct wheels.

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    Once the wheel is beyond the arch it's a fail... also stretched tyres are a fail as of last year.

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    They must have great fun coming up with new things to add for the Nct every year

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    Quote Originally Posted by fast focus View Post
    Once the wheel is beyond the arch it's a fail... also stretched tyres are a fail as of last year.
    Ya learn something new everyday! Not big on the stretched look, didn't realise the laws had changed on it.

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    @Titan Tbh I have to agree with it. A lot of cars driving around on the sidewalls of the tyres. i'll try dig out some pics later on. Most include wire out on the inside of the tyre or the arch lip eating into the outer portion of the tyre.

    Whilst I never had an issue with it done properly ie a mild stretch and flared / bolt on arches it's always the few that take it too far.

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    @fast focus; is there a spec or guideline for what is and isn't allowed regarding stretch? The only manual I can find online is from 2014

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    Bit of fender flare to the rears I think. Tracking is set perfect and all camber and toe is adjusted correctly so there should be no uneven wear at all on the tyres.
    Cant see how they can class a stretched tyre illegal, or infact declare a car defective if nothing fouls.

    Suspension is set stiff enough to not have wheels foul arches. Arch liner is modified and remoulded so not to catch, bumper tab soon to be relocated.
    Small bit of fiddly things to sort but bit of a bummer about the wheels lip protruding only about 5/6mm if that.
    ..formally "greenmachine" from the ol'days.

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