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Thread: sound bar or soundbase recomendation

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    sound bar or soundbase recomendation

    Hi all. I am purchasing a new Panasonic 50 inch tv for Xmas. I am also looking to get a sound bar or sound base for it to give me better sound quality.I dont do gaming and 5.1 Dolby is not a option in this room so a good sound station will suffice. I am wondering who has opinions on them and what the recommendation.I will be looking at spending 300 minimum

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    What's your max ?

    I've had Sony and Philips bars/subs in the past but went with Sonos a couple of years ago and can't fault it. Added convenience of streaming music and it's about 2 seconds with the app to boost the sub for movies or reset it for music. It's not hi-fi but it works. Bar is not too heavy and will hang from a wall mounted TV. Optical input only, in case that's an issue, but it shouldn't be with a new TV.

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    I've never paid much attention to sound bars myself, I always thought you were just paying extra for the tv-compatible packaging/styling. I never saw any reason why a regular set of speakers through an amp, or speakers with built in amps wouldn't do as good, or a better, job for less, and more versatility as well.

    I've a set of these
    They're dear enough, but crackin sound out of them. You need to spend that much at all. You should have a range of options for 300 quid, I'd have thought. Virtually anything you buy should have better speakers than any superflat tv.

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    Yeah all TV speakers are crap no matter what the manufacturer claims. I've also used the 2 speakers + amp, and a million miles of wires for surround speakers. The main thing a bar brings is convenience and unobtrusiveness. The better ones do a reasonable job of fake surround sound. With either option, you cannot beat a sub for movies.

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    Got these last Christmas and they sound great!

    Bluetooth speakers, which stream music from any device, but better still, plug into your TV which gives you excellent sound quality, better then a soundbar, and can be moved about the house easly enough as they are quite small. They have their own little remote, but can be paired to some TVs.

    They are called q acoustics bt3, got them in Cloney Audio.


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    A few years back I bought a Samsung Telly, it was a high end one but when the volume was up the sound slightly distorted, if you think of it those really slim YVs have no space to accommodate anything with any power. Decided I'd get a soundbar and bought a Samsung also. Went for the higher end one, valves and multiple speakers in it so was on the expensive side.

    Very happy with it, good enough for my ears. Wirelessly connects to TV so no cables etc and works flawlessly, big woofer hidden behind an armchair and you can advance / delay it so it matches perfectly. Used nearly all the time for music via Bluetooth for dinners / partys etc. Overall a great job but I'd do some research and get a decent one. A cheap one might not be much better than the telly.
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    I need to look for a sound bar for our TV as it's really buzzy at some frequencies, those tiny speakers can't cope. My needs (or rather her needs) are ones of simplicity though. She finds a lot of tech frustrating, so whatever I get needs to be a case of switch on TV, switch on soundbar and away we go. No fussing with remotes and buttons to select a source for the sound bar etc. In fact if it simply took the L&R analogue outputs from the TV that'd be good enough. Super sound quality and massive bass are not needed, just enough to sound like a TV used to sound around 10 years ago. And fairly slim to fit either below or behind the TV, she hates seeing speakers and wires.
    Any suggestions on that?
    Just checked and no analogue audio outputs, so it's optical audio output only. I guess that means a soundbar that can be programmed to the TV or sky box volume controls then? Life used to be simple
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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard View Post
    Just checked and no analogue audio outputs, so it's optical audio output only. I guess that means a soundbar that can be programmed to the TV or sky box volume controls then? Life used to be simple
    The Sonos bar will support that, as I assume any bar with an optical in. Our setup is that the Sky controller and its volume is the only remote used almost any of the time, bar the Apple TV app for when that's used. Couldn't be simpler really. The TV remote got lost a couple of months ago and nobody has a clue where it is. The only loss is 4k Netflix but I don't believe that's hurting anyone. Maybe I should knock it off the subscription now I think of it.

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    It was probably discussed here at the time but I bought a Sony soundbar a couple of years ago. I was reasonably pleased with the purchase for €300 or whatever it cost. Then I decided to play a rock gig through it, some YouTube content I guess. It sounded terrible. I managed to tweak it a bit so it was bearable but the upshot is that for boom and crash on TV you can go with whatever but if you ever intend playing music through it then it needs a different grade. I just find it hard to justify it as I typically play music through other kit in other rooms.
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    This what I use with a Sony 4K 55" and they are fantastic for the price and simply plugs into the headphone jack on the tv so the tv remote controls the volume with no issue

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