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Thread: ADSS's BMW E92 335i

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    ADSS's BMW E92 335i

    Hi guys. Going to document my progress with my 335i here.

    First of all, my previous driving experience was with a Toyota Avensis 1.6L petrol beast. So jumping into this was a little terrifying but incredibly fun. I couldn't believe my luck when I managed to get insured on this.

    A little about the car:

    2007 E92 335i
    Monaco Blue with a grey interior and piano black trim.
    Bought with 70k Miles
    3.0L twin turbo straight six 225 kW (306 PS) @ 5800 / 400 N·m (300 lb·ft)@ 1400-5000
    17 inch wheels with Bridgestone RE50 run flats

    So here is some pics of it before I started adding some small bits to it:

    Quick pic just after purchase.

    First thing to do was bring it over my friend, Delz0r's garage(make sure to check out his M3 project thread). About 14 hours were spent on getting a fantastic 2 stage polish done and it sealed with a ceramic coating.

    Seats got a bit of a detail as well.

    Upgraded the angel eyes to the MTEC H8 upgrade kit, 50/50 picture here. The engine bay was a mess so that needed sorting out.

    Engine had to be cleaned, good bit of work put into this!

    I'll keep adding to this thread with the changes I've made.
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    Jeez thats some jump up from an Avensis

    Is it manual or dual clutch?

    What are your plans for it?
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    I heard this is faster than Dels m3
    Vtec addict

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    Fine machine and as said a heck of a jump from an avensis.
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    Very nice.

    I really should have bought one of these last year instead of a 350z
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurrier View Post
    Very nice.

    I really should have bought one of these last year instead of a 350z
    Not a fan of the 350?

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    Lovely! I miss mine quite badly... feel free to have a look at my thread (link in my signature) for more info. Best of luck with it. Remember to stay away from ethanol fuel!
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    Looks lovely. Mind if I ask where you found it? Failing to find a manual one of these myself for some time now... One has just popped up private in Dublin but it's a little bit too light on details for my liking

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    Absolutely great cars, I miss mine - even if it did empty my bank account!

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