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Thread: ADSS's BMW E92 335i

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike1187 View Post
    Jeez thats some jump up from an Avensis

    Is it manual or dual clutch?

    What are your plans for it?
    Its the automatic, the DCT came out later in its life cycle. I'll add the rest of the mods I've done in another post.

    Quote Originally Posted by chris139ryan View Post
    I heard this is faster than Dels m3
    We timed it using a 0-60 app its a little slower, but I'm sure a remap will fix that

    Quote Originally Posted by Gurrier View Post
    Very nice.

    I really should have bought one of these last year instead of a 350z
    I'm a fan of the 350Z, my friend had one and I always liked it. Very different cars though, what didn't you like about the 350Z?

    Quote Originally Posted by templeballs View Post
    Looks lovely. Mind if I ask where you found it? Failing to find a manual one of these myself for some time now... One has just popped up private in Dublin but it's a little bit too light on details for my liking
    It's an auto so maybe not what you're looking for. Hard to find a manual but checkou the Alpina flash for the Auto - it might make you consider the auto. I find the auto suits the car pretty well due to torque.

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    OK so the first "big" change I made was blacking out the front grills. We replaced the kidney grills with the black BMW M Performance ones and we plastidipped the lower mesh area.

    So around the same time as doing this I started a YouTube channel with some friends so I have a video of it. I do the editing and camera work so I'm hiding in the background somewhere. It's a little goofy but check it out here:

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    Iv read some where aboit some of the early 335's are factory forged.??

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    Yea, I'm not entirely sure, supposedly they switched to cast on the 08/09 models.

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    Tell Conor he's not allowed have fun til he finishes the Camino, his soul needs more suffering

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    Quote Originally Posted by evin View Post
    Tell Conor he's not allowed have fun til he finishes the Camino, his soul needs more suffering
    Haha do you know him Evin? I will pass on your comments .

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    OK, so the next thing we did was dechrome the window trim with some plastidip.

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