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Thread: Spare key from BMW

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    Spare key from BMW

    Might be needing a spare key for an f10 5 series 2012. Just wondering the cost and if anybody has any experience of it? Cheers!

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    i was in the same boat last month. Ended up using Car Key Service at Ballymount cost €140 (06 E90 though)

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    Tried Autokey at Newlands cross? I found their service exceptional.

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    The car locked on the missus 3 series before and rather than break a window as we didn't have a spare I just rang BMW they ordered the key for me then and there but did say i'd need a copy of the log book with me. It was 170 quid and came perfectly cut and already coded to the car the following day. Couldn't ask for better service to be honest.

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    As jf says; Autokey, Newlands Cross. Great service!
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    Who did you use in the end?

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