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Thread: Smart phone trackday app

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    Smart phone trackday app

    Guys - I've seen a few vids and I think people are using Harrys GPS Laptimer app - see link:

    Any feedback or alternative out there and which one is best to get? Don't know if I want video to see how bad I actually am. Phone is an iPhone 7+ and if I was to use vid I guess I'd need some way of mounting it, Currently its in a solid holder down on the console.

    Open to other suggestions if there are any.

    Older but no wiser.

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    I don't know about any of the other apps, I use Harry's as you have probably noticed.

    It's simple to use, set it up and forget about it, record video, or just lap times, or use in shadow mode to compare live laps.
    I actually use an Ipod with a windscreen mount that has gps antenna built into it.

    For the iphone all you need is a windscreen suction mount, or even a universal that holds it steady and doesn't obscure the camera.
    a car charger may help too, if you recording video a decent bit of memory is required.

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    Thanks. Will go for it so. Think I'll splurge and get the video one. Also need to find a windscreen mount now. Have 256GB phone so space should be OK

    Older but no wiser.

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    I've been using Harry's laptimer for years. Well worth going for the video version.

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    I used Harrys Laptimer app at Kirkistown on the weekend. Have to say the app is simple to use and gives more info that I need or understand so much research needed there.

    I went with the Petrol head edition as it has lots of tracks. Downloaded the Kirikistown one and off I went. It loads in the reel event POI and corner names etc.

    It automatically starts recording laptimes when you cross the start / finish line and you can trash the out lap and cool down if you want. Very easy to see how consistently (bad in my case) you are lapping. whats nice is teh speed in corners when you are reviewing entry and exits.

    Vid is below - I recorded another few sessions but no point in positing as they are just as shaky. The €12 mount in halfords was too flimsy for the 7+ so need to get an alternative.

    Any suggestions for a good vibration isolating windscreen mount??
    Older but no wiser.

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