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Thread: New Owner from Dublin

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    New Owner from Dublin

    Hi Guys, long time lurker here. Have met quite a few people from backroads recently so thought it was time to sign up myself.

    I've recently graduated from a Toyota Avensis to a 2007 BMW E92 335i. Much quicker getting down to the shops now . Loving it so far.

    Here it is as it sits now:

    I'll stick up a project thread if anyone is interested because I have most of the styling mods documented.

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    N plate?? how much you insure it for??

    Oh, and welcome along
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    Welcome along. Thats a great upgrade!

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    Haha yea, with a bit of negotiating I managed to get it down to under 950 for the year which isn't too bad, considering before that I was paying 1700 for the avensis. I'll never understand insurance companies.

    It will be interesting to see what the renewal next year will be like.

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    Very nice ...can't beat 6 cylinders motors !! Unless you have an 8 cylinder motor

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    Well, 6 cylinders & 2 turbos is a pretty darn close second!

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    Welcome along! Glad you finally signed up

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    Welcome along
    Vtec addict

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    Cheers guys! I've created a project thread if you're interested!

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