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Thread: MK4 Golf using coolant

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    MK4 Golf using coolant

    The expansion tank in my MK4 Golf (1.9 TDI 115) seems to be using coolant rapidly. Almost every other day now I have to refill it. It isn't overheating, there are no other obvious signs the head gasket might be going and there doesn't appear to be any leaks. Any idea what the issue could be?

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    Check the water pump. With all the pulleys and belts spinning down there it's possible for coolant to be blown away and leave no trace of the leak.

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    I had a 03 Passat do the same,no leaks etc. When the mechanic pressure tested it it p1ssed coolant out the rad. As in the fins, rad was fu€kered.
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    Also check egr cooler if it has one. Would have a symptom of white smoke out the exhaust

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    What Wheelnut said. Plus with engine running have a good listen to the water pump for any signs of rough running. Use a listening stick if possible (long screwdriver, pointy end against pump, handle end to you ear).

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    Turns out it was the radiator after all, needs a new one.

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