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Thread: Fitness watch

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    Fitness watch

    Er' indoors expressed a desire for a fitness watch for her birthday for her jogging etc


    1) whats best to buy?

    2) what bricks n mortor shop would have a good range for me to hit this weekend? Too late to order online now.


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    Arnotts in Dublin do them, downstairs in the sports/gadget department

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    Suunto watches are really cool - pricey though. Garmin do lovely ones too. - A bike shop like the cyclesuperstore in Tallaght should have a nice selection and it's a handy visit for you, coming from "down the country" an' all

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    I bought a Garmin Vivoactive HR in January and so far cannot fault it. I use it for tracking swimming mainly. It'll give you steps and heart rates and sleep and all manner of other stuff in charts on your phone if you hook it up to the App. It'll last a good few days on a charge and charging takes less than an hour. As per the link I bought it in my local Hardly Normal and haggled down price. It worked out about a tenner more than the Amazon + wait option at the time.

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    Bought a TomTom Runner (first one) for the missus awhile back for her running, GPS and built in heart rate monitor (i assume women would prefer this to a strap around the boobs). Brings up nice details on the laptop afterwards to review the runs. She loves it but doesn't like that it doesn't have a current pace setting. Her brothers does iirc, hes got a Garmin Forerunner (not sure which one).

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